Aby-a-Day – 18 Maj 2020: Pink is for boys, too! (Hipstamatic Monday)

Dashiell and Izaak eat together in our bedroom. Breakfast, chicken neck snacktime, and dinner, those two always dine together. This is because, for whatever reason, Dash doesn’t try to steal Zak’s food (the way Alfred or Lorelai would), and since Zak only eats raw, he won’t try to eat Dash’s meal.


This is one of the reasons this pair are such fast friends. When the other three cats are done eating, and I open the bedroom up, I often find them cuddling together, sometimes on our bed, and sometimes in this fuzzy pink cat bed we won at a cat show.


It’s pretty girly. We thought it might be good for Rory, but she never sleeps in there. Angel does sometimes, but it’s mainly Zak and Dash who nap in that bed. The bed also has the white blanket that was in Zak’s crate when he came here from Poland, so that may be part of the attraction.


Who says boys can’t rock the pink?

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