Aby-a-Day – 23 May 2020: All hail HAIL! (Swedish Saturday)

This afternoon we had a freak hailstorm.


Alfred was fascinated – he leapt to the top of the balcony door to watch it! I don’t think he’s ever seen hail before.



It built up quite quickly on the balcony windowsill and railings.


Lorelai also wanted to see the hail from the top of the door.


I scooped up some of the hail so Freddy could look at it close up.


“That…that’s what was falling from the sky? Little ice balls?”


I am not sure why he was so puzzled by the hail. He’s seen snow plenty of time.


Rory hopped down from the door to look at the hailstones.


“Check this stuff out…it’s awesome!”


Freddy still seemed amazed at the fact the hail came from the sky.


Meanwhile, Rory examined the tiny ice balls.


“What is this magical ice, Mom?”

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 23 May 2020: All hail HAIL! (Swedish Saturday)

  1. I would think the big difference between hail and snow would be the noise it makes. Kitties have very acute hearing and I cannot think of anything that sounds just like hail hitting a roof, deck, or window.


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