Aby-a-Day – 18 Juni 2020: King of the Dustbowl (Thursday Things)

On one of our outside adventures, Izaak discovered a wicked awesome dustbowl at the base of a tree.


It wasn’t in the sun, but oh, it was still perfect. And Zak was going to keep it all to himself, prepared to fight it with everything he had.


First Lorelai came to check it out.


Look at how Zak watches her.


Alfred tried a sneakier method. He pretended he was scratching the tree…


…and then tried to take it over.


Zak was more than ready for him.


Freddy wasn’t about to give up to a cat he outweighs by 70% after only one attempt.


I am not sure what he was trying to accomplish with this move, but…


…Zak was NOT falling for it.


“Really Freddy? REALLY!?”


“Okay, dude. Back off!”



“Okay, that’s technically still my dust, but fine. But like a good neighbour, STAY OVER THERE.”


“I can’t even with you right now, Freddy.”



After his roll, Freddy made another siege on Zak’s dustbowl.


Clearly, this attack is Freddy playing a long game.


Obviously, it’s the old “yeah, keep your dumb dustbowl” trick.


“Just how stupid does he think I am?”


Freddy walked around the tree and was right back in Zak’s face. Clearly, Zak was expecting him.


And then, adding insult to injury, Freddy had the nerve to do Zak a heckin’ blep! A BLEP! I loved this last photo so much, on Sunday I posted it to a wonderful Facebook group called this IS an airport, please announce your departure: aeroplane ear posting (as you can see in the top photo), and as of this writing, 1,130 people have reacted to it!

Some of the comments people made were brilliant, too. I laughed so hard at this thread.

I particularly love this comment thread, because indeed, this is a classic Singapura stink-eye.

(Editor’s note: Since this is a public Facebook group, I didn’t block out the names on the screenshots in this post. If you want your name blocked out on my post, please comment and I’ll edit the photo. But if you are here from the Earplane group…thanks for all the love this week! I really needed it!)

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