Aby-a-Day – 22 Juni 2020: Izaak and the blanket (Mischievous Monday)

The other day when we went outside, one of our neighbours had left a blanket under a tree. We picked it up and hung it on the rug beating frame. There was a bit of a breeze, and the blanket had a fringe, so Izaak started playing with it.


Or attacking it. It’s open to interpretation.


Sometimes I forget that Zak is only two years old…Logan was such a little old man, even though he only lived 13 months, I am always surprised at how playful Zak is.


Look at that concentration. That blanket is going to regret its life choices.


It was so much fun watching him “hunt” the blanket.



Bite! Bite! Bite!


It’s amazing how much fun cats can have with ordinary household objects.



It was funny that he used his mouth more than his hands. I think Abys would be more handsy and less mouthy.


…And just like that, Zak was done.

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