Aby-a-Day – 9 Juli 2020: The “Flippy-Flippy”

A while back, someone in the Singapura Facebook group I’m in asked “Do other people’s Singas do this move that [mine] does? It’s a three part move: (1) downward dog stretch; (2) slow roll/fall onto her side; (3) on her side, stretches out her entire body until she’s 3 feet long, rolls around. With part 3 completed, she returns to normal size, and gets up and goes about her business. I call this move ‘flippy-flippy.'”



I posted about Izaak’s hallway rolling habit last year, but that was before I had a name for it.


The other day, I happened to catch him doing it on the pavement.


It’s amazing how bendy Zak can be!


Not sure why the flippy-flippy requires earplanes, but okay.


He’s such a funny little guy.