Aby-a-Day – 20 Juli 2020: Still more photos of Lorelai and Io (Hipstamatic Monday)

Since it was fun last week, I thought I’d post some more Hipstamatic photos of Lorelai and Io from this past weekend.


I love the variety of styles in Hipstamatic. Of course, I have been using it for over ten years now, so I’ve amassed a large collection of films and lenses.


You can also edit regular photos after the fact in Hipstamatic now, and turn a photo you might trash into something artistic.


I love this one. It changed all the greens to red, and desaturated everything else. I really like how this one turned out.


You can get some fun effects.


In the Hipstamatic app, you can apply more than one film and lens, and get results you could never get using the Hipsta camera.


I like this one, too. Nice shade of green.


Rory saying goodbye to Io. I hope they made kittens.


This was a blah photo of Rory on Björn’s shoulder. Now it’s cool and interesting.


This is another of my favourites in this batch.


It’s interesting that one combination turns greens red, while another filter turns the reds green.


Rory and Angel when we finally got home. My girls.

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