Aby-a-Day – 2 Augusti 2020: Alfred and the GoPro (Cinema Sunday

On one of our outdoor adventures, I got the idea to get a GoPro camera and put it on one of the cats. Alfred, being the largest cat, was the obvious choice…but the GoPro Fetch harness was clearly designed for a Labrador or Husky. It was a series of straps that were designed for an animal with a chest and shoulders.

We tried it anyway, and it was a disaster, even with cutting the straps (so bad I didn’t even bother to take any photos). So, I took the straps off the back mounting plate and tried riveting it to one of Jacoby’s old jacket harnesses. That was better, but still pretty crappy; the fabric was too soft to support the camera and mount. Here’s the video from the test run (ignore me picking up the empty cat bowls). So I gave it another go. Using the straps from the harness, I sewed the mount onto one of Jake’s therapy Yap Wraps. I thought the patches might help stabilise the mount on Freddy’s back.


We put the new version on him and went outside. The first thing Freddy did when we went outside was go to his dust rolling place.


Oh, well…that’s going to be interesting to watch.


And then, he actually managed to get out of it! I couldn’t believe it!


I finally managed to catch him and put it back on. Dashiell was curious about the camera…but not curious enough to look at the front of it.


No matter what we did, the camera kept slipping sideways. Apparently, this is a common problem.


The other problem was, Freddy wouldn’t run with the harness on. Until…


Freddy’s little buddy showed up!


That got him to run…straight into the bushes.


As you can see, it was still having listing problems.


Jeez, Freddy…it’s not that heavy!

Despite all of the problems, the camera kept filming. I ended up with over a half hour of footage. I’ve edited it down and sped it up so the final video is only about five minutes long (the blurry bit towards the end is Freddy climbing halfway up a tree). I hope it doesn’t make you seasick!

Don’t worry…I am going to rethink the harness and mounting situation (possibly trying something with the chest mounting piece). Stay tuned!