Aby-a-Day – 22 Augusti 2020: There’s a Singa on my shoulder (Singapura Saturday)

I have had a rather crappy 24 hours. It’s finished now, but it just really drained me, emotionally.


Therefore, today’s post is the blogging equivalent of just making pasta with whatever sauce because you have zero idea what to have for supper and can’t be arsed to make anything but you really need to eat.


Recently, Izaak has decided he wants to try to be a shoulder cat. He’s started jumping on Björn the way Lorelai does.


I love the little grabby hands.


He’s pretty awkward, though.


Not at all the graceful little squirrel that Rory is at all.


He really has to work at keeping his balance!


More gratuitous grabby hand action. Sorry this post is so listless, but I am just completely out of spoons.

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