Aby-a-Day – 5 September 2020: Singapuras make a lasting impression (Singapura Saturday)

Izaak loves to sit on my legs. He sleeps on my legs, and he seems to prefer skin contact, which is a trait of many Singas, I have noticed.


I posted a couple of these photos to a Singapura Facebook group. One person commented, “I always find for such a small/lightweight breed they have the ability to become 100% heavier!” Another added, “Cats can control their relationship with gravity. They can land as light as a feather or as heavy as a bag of potatoes.”


Sounds about right. Like their cousins, the Burmese, Singas are “bricks wrapped in silk.”


Zak sat so heavily, he left a pawprint on my leg! And he isn’t that heavy, either; last week he weighed in at 3.6 kg.


And it was still visible an hour later!