Aby-a-Day – 12 September 2020: Everyone on the bed (Swedish Saturday)

When I read, I like to lie on the bed. And I usually end up with a lot of company. Izaak and Dashiell are almost always with me, and Alfred and Lorelai join us most of the time.


And then there’s Angel.


Angel comes and joins us every so often, but she doesn’t just nap quietly.


No…she tromps around the bed, kneading and purring.


It’s cute, and it’s sweet she wants to join us…but it is somewhat annoying.


Then, just as suddenly as she appeared…she is gone.


Look at Freddy’s face! He is so clearing thinking, “Good riddance”!

5 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 12 September 2020: Everyone on the bed (Swedish Saturday)

  1. I rarely join my human when she lies on the sofa to read. Although we are besties, I don’t think we need to be joined at the hip. I’m around her enough as it is!


  2. Go darling Angel! My boy does that when the girl is in HIS place (my lap, where he has slept every night since we picked him up from the rescue). Looks like Zak got that prized location on this day–and somehow, I’m not the least surprised.


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