Aby-a-Day – 29 Oktober 2020: Dashiell’s family (Thursday Things)

This week, Meg sent me a bunch of photos of Dashiell and his littermates, along with photos of his mother, Anubis Evita Loca. Meg said, “She has never been shown; she is far too squirrely. However, she makes beautiful babies.” Okay…that squirrellyness might explain why Dash is so skittish!


The top photo is Evita as a kitten. This photo is a photo of her a week or two later.


I love the way baby Abys have that tuft of sticky-up hair between their ears at a certain age.


Here’s Evita at a few months old.


And here she is as a young adult. Dash does look a bit like her, don’t you think?


This is Dash and his littermates, Rami, brother, and Junie Purr (now GC, RW Anubis Junie Purr). They are one week old in this photo.



Meg didn’t send me any current photos of Junie, but here are a couple of her as a kitten.


Here we have Dash and his brother Rami. Rami is on the left and Dash is on the right.


Here’s Rami at one of his first vet visits.


And here he is as an adult.


Rami actually goes outside, too, on a leash.


Isn’t he handsome?


Here is Dash as a teeny tiny kitten.


He’s a bit older here.


And here, he’s a bit older still.


Finally, here is Dash today. I wish we could go to actual shows. Especially CFA shows (which are rare in this part of Europe). Evita needs just one more of her children to become a Grand to earn a Distinguished Merit title.


If I could show him, I am sure he would do wonderfully.

2 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 29 Oktober 2020: Dashiell’s family (Thursday Things)

  1. OMC, these baby photos are cute beyond words! BTW, I know you’re not active on Instagram, but you really need to check out @cloriscreates – she has been doing cute cat art all month, and she just did Somalis and Abys… and she featured me! But I think you will enjoy her art in general.


  2. I particularly like the picture of Dash where you wrote, “And here he’s a bit older still.” VERY cute!


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