Aby-a-Day – 27 November 2020: Jake’s fabulous turkey outfit (Fashion Friday Flashback)

I know I’ve posted Jacoby and his fabulous turkey outfit many times before, but the memory came up again on Facebook this week, and I couldn’t resist sharing it again.


Preparing for the fashion show at the Westchester Cat Club show, Jake didn’t just wear that thing. He owned it. So much so that the creator gifted it to Jake after the show.


He posed so perfectly on that green sofa.


Jake was so confident, he didn’t mind sharing the sofa with another contestant.


My favourite thing about that turkey outfit is that even Jake himself knew how good he looked wearing it.


He looked at himself for the longest time, admiring himself. I know they say cats don’t recognise themselves in mirrors, but I think Jake definitely did.

4 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 27 November 2020: Jake’s fabulous turkey outfit (Fashion Friday Flashback)

  1. Mango was completely self aware when he was looking in a mirror. When he was three months old, he first met his tabby roommate Bubbles.She was having none of it so she hissed and hid under the bed. Mango hopped up on the bed and catloafed near the edge. He looked into the mirrored closet door, then down at her grey paws sticking out from under the bed, once again a look at her in the mirror, and then he settled down and watched Bubs in the mirror. Smart little guy! I saw him a few times over the years admiring himself in a mirror. I’ve never seen an Aby think their image in a mirror was another cat.


  2. Of course Jake recognized himself in a mirror! It probably took one synchronized ear flick to give the whole thing away. He was the most handsome furry turkey ever and I am glad you helped him know it.


  3. Ah! Jacoby! He didn’t know the meaning of the word “modesty”, did he? Good for you, Jacoby! Good for you!


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