Aby-a-Day – 30 November 2020: The no-tell hotel (Hipstamatic Monday)

So, as I posted on Saturday, Lorelai met a boy in a hotel. At first, she didn’t like him at all.


On Saturday night, Rory was grooming herself suggestively…and Ritchie was watching appreciatively.


Then Rory caught him watching her.


Ritchie instantly looked away. “Who, me? Nope, I was looking at this suddenly very interesting ceiling.”


Then, at approximately 07:48 am on Sunday morning, I was awakened by a thumping and cat noises (and a need to pee). The thumping was due to rolling around the shoes underneath our suitcase, but yeah, when I woke up, sexy times were happening under our bed.


Bow chicka bow!


After their tryst under our bed, the lovebirds went to the space under our suitcase, where the shoes had been, pre-all the rolling that woke me up.


I actually watched a mating cycle, including dismount, and there were at least two others that I didn’t see, so I think we may have touchdown this time!

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