Aby-a-Day – 2 Jaunari: A little socially-distanced celebration (Swedish Saturday)

On New Year’s Eve, we had a little socially-distanced party in the afternoon.


It was pretty cold, around 2°C with a breeze, but being outside seemed prudent. Since Alfred has the most…insulation.., he got to come out with us. Johan, our upstairs neighbour, manned the grill.


Meanwhile, Freddy charmed Johan’s mother…


…and this little girl.


Bruno was out with us, too, and Freddy was extra friendly with him. It was nice to spend time with other people…even if it was really cold and only for an hour or so.

2 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 2 Jaunari: A little socially-distanced celebration (Swedish Saturday)

  1. My human is envious! Even with the cold. As I’m sure you know, things are really bad here, and my human is being even more cautious for the next few weeks and doing a minimum of going out for necessities. No friend visits til the hospitals get past the horror that is going on right now.


  2. That looks like a lot of fun! I’ve been really wanting to have a little meal on our deck. I could bear the temperature (in the range of 45F), but it has been raining with a very brisk wind and … I’ll just enjoy the photos of Summer and Alfred outdoors (not together, of course).


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