Aby-a-Day – 16 Januari: Sometimes, you just need a partner to nap with (Swedish Saturday)

It’s been a busy week…and I got to today and couldn’t think of anything to post.


So, here are Alfred and Izaak, the nap partners.

5 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 16 Januari: Sometimes, you just need a partner to nap with (Swedish Saturday)

    1. Okay…hang on. Freddy is a black silver ticked tabby (with heavy rufousing): BB (black), AA (Agouti) Ti(a)Ti(a) (Ticked tabby), Ii (Inhibitor gene produces silver. I am guessing he is heterozygous because he is a very dark silver – he should be much paler. This is a photo of a good silver). And then CC, non-dilute. Dash is actually the same colour, but without the Inhibitor gene, and Rory is the same; she also doesn’t have the Inhibitor gene but she is also cc (dilute). Angel is the same, without the Inhibitor gene, CC (non-dilute) and b/b/ (cinnamon). “Red” Abyssinians don’t actually carry the O gene (sex-linked red only on the X chromosome).

      Zak is a Burmese seal ticked tabby with arm barring: bb (brown), AA (Agouti), Ti(a)Ti(+) (Ticked tabby with some barring) c(b)c(b) (Burmese seal). The main difference between Singas and Abys is the c(b) gene, which is on the spectrum of Siamese/Pointed (c(s)), Tonkinese (c(s)c(b)) and Burmese (c(b)), all of which are thermo-restrictive and incompletely dominant to each other.

      This is a nice, simple chart: http://www.bioinf.uni-leipzig.de/Leere/SS15/TheoB/CatCoatColor.pdf. And, as always, Messybeast is the most detailed resource: http://messybeast.com/colours-conformation-index.htm

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      1. Oh, this is so cool! Thank you for the detailed answer. I love knowing that Dash is only one color gene different from Freddy. I wish I had been born later so that my interest in genetics could have contributed to the research behind this.
        I think you have helped me understand the color of one of my own “rescue” kitties who is pointed like a Burmese.


        1. Dude, seriously? I wish I had known cat genetics would be a THING. I GREW UP IN DAVIS, CA!!! You know, UCD, international hotbed of feline genetic research..?


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