Aby-a-Day – 31 Januari: A sad day for the Singapura world (Serious Sunday)

This is really hard to write. I just found out this morning that my friend Pat died suddenly yesterday. Apparently, she’d had a bad fall a couple of days ago…and, something happened. Our friend Linda posted the announcement to the Singapura Facebook group we were all in.


Björn and I only met her in person, when we carried Logan’s mother, Naina, from Boston to Sweden after our wedding. I wish I had met her sooner; she lived in Cambridge and we could have hung out. But we were good friends online, and we had much in common besides cats. Last month, I sent her a copy of Hamilton, because she didn’t have Disney+, and I included a Trump catnip toy, which she loved. We were just chatting a week or so ago.


If it hadn’t been for Linda, Pat and Naina, I don’t I would ever have gotten a Singapura. I will miss her. My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend has stopped running today.