Aby-a-Day – 18 Februari: Eurasian Lynx at the Borås Djurpark (Thursday Things)

Back in 2019, we went to the Borås Djurpark. They have a marvellous collection of big cats, and I took a ton of photos. And…I am just now getting through them all. I’ll share them on Thursdays for the next few weeks. They have Lions, Tigers, and Cheetahs, but I am going to start out with the one cat native to Sweden: the Eurasian Lynx


We were extremely lucky to have gotten to the Lynx area just as they were being fed. The zoo is very much about enrichment of the animals’ lives, so feeding the Lynxes involves hoisting a hunk of meat ten feet up a tree so the Lynx can climb up and get it.



This Lynx leapt up the tree so quickly, even my fast camera couldn’t capture him in midair! These two photos are sequential, that’s how fast they are.


It was interesting to watch the Lynx work out how to get the food.



Honestly, it was very reminiscent of the cats approaching their daily chicken necks. Even though they know what it is, they spend some time sniffing it before actually taking a bite.



Then a little lick and nibble…



…and then, the grab.




I wish you could see the meat in his mouth…typical cat, head turned the wrong way.

6 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 18 Februari: Eurasian Lynx at the Borås Djurpark (Thursday Things)

  1. Awesome creature! They must be incredibly strong as you can see from the muscles in the legs and paws gripping at the tree. Kudos to the Park for having them “hunt” for their food instead of just chucking a hunk of meat on the ground.

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  2. Wow! That beautiful cat can really move! What a thrill it would be to glimpse one in the wild. I had to look up the range of this lynx and it is really large, especially since so much of Russia is the right climate for it. We have had a bobcat in our neighborhood but it is really stealthy. Most sightings are via a security camera.


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