Aby-a-Day – 25 Februari: Lionesses at the Borås Djurpark (Thursday Things)

Continuing last week’s post I’m sharing more of the big cat photos I took at Borås Djurparken. This week I’m sharing one of the most Aby-looking cats: the Lionesses.


See? Just like Abys.


This is about a ton of cuddle puddle.


Always room for one more!


I love the one using her sister as a pillow in the back.






Finally, one girl decides she wants to go on walkabout.



They even walk like big Abys.


I just love watching them…I took a lot more photos of them than would really fit into one post. In fact, I’ll be posting the boys next week.

6 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 25 Februari: Lionesses at the Borås Djurpark (Thursday Things)

  1. And just like Abys, they sleep almost all day in the warmest spot they can find. Do you know if this group is related? The one is clearly older and has had some cubs, while you can see spots on several of the younger cats.


  2. My god! They’re gorgeous and awesome! They almost make me feel like crying. I can’t imagine a world without animals in it, not a heaven. It wouldn’t be a heaven to me without animals.

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