Aby-a-Day – 11 Mars: More about the Borås Lions (Thursday Things)

Continuing last week’s post about the Lions, I’m sharing more of the big cat photos I took at Borås Djurparken. This week, I have a little more about the Lionesses and Lions at the park.


The Lions have a house they can shelter in.


The Lion and a couple of Lionesses wandered over to the house and jumped in.



…And then this happened.


Afterwards, they just all hung out like it was just business as usual.


And then, several minutes later…


…He did it again!


I’m not even sure if that’s the same Lioness.


Although, I gotta say, those two creepers watching are…interesting.

6 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 11 Mars: More about the Borås Lions (Thursday Things)

      1. I used to volunteer at the zoo in Seattle as a docent (tour guide and educator). It is a great place to discuss where babies come from but we always referred specific questions back to the parents. One day I horrified a woman who thought I had said that we cross-bred humans and orangutans. I mean, the adults!

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