Aby-a-Day – 11 April: A sad anniversary and an update (Serious Sunday)

I haven’t posted since Thursday, because…Björn and I have been sick. Björn is actually in the hospital with Covid, and I have a wicked cough but no fever yet. It’s also the second anniversary of Jacoby’s death, so with all that going on I haven’t felt very inspired. Kalle and I will get tested for Covid on Tuesday, and hopefully Björn will be home soon. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

9 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 11 April: A sad anniversary and an update (Serious Sunday)

  1. Oh no! I will send healing thoughts for both the Covid and illnesses and for your heart with Jacoby. You take care of you and yours 1st and foremost and your readers will be here when you are ready. I had my 2nd shot yesterday and living with some blowback from that but still glad to have it as I have scared lungs and am at high risk for complications. I hope you and Kalle come back negative or with mild cases and Bjorn gets well quickly.


  2. I am so sad to see you are dealing with so much at one time! Keeping you all in my heart this week. Wow, it has been two years since Jacoby joined the Star Clan and I still grieve each time you mention his name. He was the most special cat I ever “knew” which is a tribute both to him and the way in which you shared him through this blog. Sending a big hug and warm thoughts for all.


  3. Good lord! So sorry that you and Björn are having to go through this. Sending all possible good health karma to both of you, and a bright bat signal to Jacoby, whose adventures and sweet face brought me joy every day for years, thanks to the unique bond he shared with his eloquent owner. I hope this finds you and Björn feeling better very, very soon.


  4. Sending wishes for good health and recovery for you and all your family! And all of us who knew Jake from your writings, photos and drawings miss him and will always think of him as ours, too.


  5. I’m so sorry you are going through this, and during such a sad anniversary. I hope everyone gets well soon. Sending positive thoughts.


  6. Awful virus – I hope that Björn recovers quickly and completely, and that you and Kalle don’t have it at all! And condolences on this sad anniversary – Jacoby is always in our hearts.


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