Aby-a-Day – 30 April: Spade and Archer (Photoshop Friday)

Well…I’m back. And yes, I actually did test positive for Covid-19. As did Björn and Kalle. My symptoms, oddly, were mainly stomach and intestinal, not lung-related. Not really what I was expecting at all. Of course, I really wasn’t expecting to get the virus at all, since I was following the rules my adopted country wouldn’t…but here we are. And I am pretty angry about it, too. Nobody wears a bloody mask in this country except me and I still get sodding Covid. Don’t get me started.

But, you know…this is a happy blog, about kitties and happy things, not anger at the way a nation has mishandling a worldwide pandemic…so…


Here is Dashiell in the office of Spade and Archer in San Francisco.


And here it is again, with a little extra noir added for good measure.

(PS: Covid-19 is no joke. Seriously, you don’t want to experience it.)

9 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 30 April: Spade and Archer (Photoshop Friday)

  1. I hope everyone is feeling better and putting Covid behind you. People bitch about our Governor and mask mandates but I am thankful to live in a state that takes it seriously. Also happy to say that I have had my 2 vaccinations and my 2 week waiting period so can get together with folk that are the same status!


    1. It’s truly hard to explain how exhausting Covid is. I mean, how hard is it to make a daily post, right? A lot harder than you would think. And I didn’t even need to be hospitalised!


  2. That really sucks that your normally-awesome country chooses this one thing to be so backward on! I hope you all are on the other side of it, and everyone is getting better.

    P.S. We are back doing limited therapy cat visits, so we are happy about that.

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  3. Welcome back! I’m so glad to see you! Dash looks great against that office background. Such a cute drawing.

    I’ve been involved with a lot of blogs and they are much harder to keep going than most folks know. You have been so good to us, posting (mostly) every day, thinking of something to say, finding relevant photos, testing the typography, etc. and I’m tired just thinking about it. I am glad you had enough energy today and hope you will continue to feel better. Any updates on Bjorn?


    1. I’m almost fully recovered; just some dry cough left. I’ll go back to work part time next week. I spent four days in intensive care, but my health improved at such a rate that I could leave the hospital after a week. It seems like my lungs aren’t affected, at least not in a noticeable manner. I guess I’ve been lucky.


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