Aby-a-Day – 15 Maj: Tampopo (Singapura Saturday)

The other day, a friend posted an infomeme about dandelions. I think it has some very important things to know.


We are lucky that our område’s lawn is a natural mix of grass, moss, yarrow, clover, and many different flowers including dandelions. They don’t mow it super-short or super-often, so it gets really nice and natural. There’s also no sprinkler system. If it doesn’t rain, the grass turns brown…c’est la vie. It’s so much nicer than those perfect, manicured lawns in the States.













Dandelions are also wicked fun to gallop through. Just ask Izaak.

4 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 15 Maj: Tampopo (Singapura Saturday)

  1. I needed this meme. We didn’t compact the dirt in our front yard but it’s still that way from the previous owners. How do I know? See the meme! Now I’ll have marginally less guilt. Hey, SOMEone has to have the neighborhood’s scruffiest lawn. (Is there a medal?)

    Seriously, though we still have mostly grass in our north-facing front yard (also, moss), our backyard is what I call “natural biodiversity.” And when Seattle has its summer drought, we do not water.

    These photos of Zak are wicked fun!

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  2. I LOVE seeing cats really be able to run! I HATE lawns in the States. They are killing the environment. The water, chemicals, and loud and polluting gas power tools that seem to be going during all waking hours.


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