Aby-a-Day – 23 Maj: Run, run as fast as you can! (Swedish Sunday)

Yesterday, we had Alfred walking.



Today, he is running! When he wants to, he can go pretty fast.



Because Freddy’s a bit of a chonk, and because I suspect he has mild asthma, he tend to run with his mouth open.




I feel so fortunate to live where we do, in an area where it’s safe to let them run free, without worrying about cars or large predators or birds of prey to worry about. And I love that the cats are smart enough to know that if they don’t stay close, they get put on the leash and they don’t get to run.

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 23 Maj: Run, run as fast as you can! (Swedish Sunday)

  1. Freddy does look like he’s on a mission. Who is the fastest runner? With his long stride, even with a bit of chonk, looks like it could be Freddy. Or Rory the Blue Streak. Or … any of your delightful crew.


  2. You are totally lucky to live in that area! My human is always keeping an eye out around here, and I am never, ever off leash.


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