Aby-a-Day – 20 Juni: Happy Gotcha Day! (Singapura Sunday)

The 20th of June is a good day to adopt a cat. Three years ago today I took a trip to Stockholm to collect Izaak.


He was so tiny!


The kitten harness I got for him was too big, so I had to improvise.


He was so intimidated by the big cats. He was smaller than even Lorelai!


To be perfectly honest, I was a little afraid he hadn’t been properly socialised.


The vet didn’t quite believe he was really five months old.



My concerns about his socialisation were, of course, unfounded. This was his first outside romp, three days after he arrived.


Two days after that, he discovered IKEA mousies.


He wasn’t registered in Sverak when we went to Rory’s first show at the end of June, so he had to miss it. He did, however, help me pack.


Not long after that, he started his very serious relationship with chicken necks.


Hard to believe that that tiny scrap became this burly, confident cat.


Zak isn’t the only 20 June baby. 30 years ago today, I adopted my first purebred cat, Harri. He was my first “do everything” cat.


On 20 June 2005, we went to Quincy and brought Kylie home! Happy Gotcha Day everyone!

2 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 20 Juni: Happy Gotcha Day! (Singapura Sunday)

  1. Happy Gotcha Day memories to you! I don’t recall having seen the pics of tiny Zak when you first adopted him! He’s 20 pounds of personality in a petit cat even now.


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