More Embroidered Abys (and other kitties, too)!

You may remember that last fall I posted about my friend Lee’s marvelous cat embroidery. Well, she’s just gotten some new Abyssinian patterns and has some wonderful new items in her inventory.

Like this wonderful memorial pillow! They come in many colours and they’re wonderful – I have a pair on our sofa already (and now I have three).

She’s also got a range of embroidered shirts, towels, pot holders and tote bags available in both her online store and eBay. Check them out – they are really wonderful.


Remember, I have her embroidery on my therapy shirts…now, we just have to get back to visiting…

Not an Aby: Baby Snugs Kitten “Willow the Abyssinian”

So you know how I love to search for “Abyssinian” online just to see what I’ll find, right? Well, the other day I did it on Amazon and discovered a lifelike electronic kitten named “Willow the Abyssinian.”

And I got really excited…

…until I saw her. She’s brown…okay…but she’s also white. If anything, she’s a chocolate and white bicolour! It actually reminds me of the “Not Even Close” example on the National Aby Rescue website!

If anything, “Sunshine the Calico” (who may actually be “Gizzy the Tabby,” and who, by the way, is absolutely NOT a calico OR a tabby!) looks more like an Aby than this brown-and-white kitten does (or she would do, with judicious use of a Copic marker)!

I guess I should be happy that at least they know that there’s a cat called an Abyssinian? Even if they have absolutely no idea what an Aby actually looks like? I did leave a review on the Amazon listing making my feelings known…

Calendars 65% off at Zazzle TODAY ONLY

I just got an email from Zazzle saying that until 11:59pm PST tonight, calendars are a whopping 65% off with the promo code “CYBERTAKETWO”

This is probably going to be their best deal on calendars this year. So, if you were thinking about buying a 2015 Daily Abyssinian Cartoon Calendar, now might be a good time to get one!

Calendar Alert! The Daily Abyssinian 2015 Calendar is Now Available!

Good news! I finally got inspired and made the Daily Abyssinian 2015 calendar.

You can purchase your very own Aby-a-Day calendar on Zazzle – and right now, calendars are 50% off (until 11:59pm PST tonight) with promo code “ZAZCYBERWEEK.” After that, you can still get 15% off until the 31st with promo code “CALENDAR2015.”

Here’s a little spoiler for June. Some of the best cartoons of 2014 (and late 2013) are featured this year (except, of course, “Catatonic”), so check it out!

Okay, now that’s done…onto the holiday cards!

Aby-a-Day – January 3: The new cat trees (Friday Flashback)

One thing about moving is, it makes you think about when you got stuff.


Like our cat trees.


We got them in January, 2010. The first one we got on January 2 and the second was purchased on January 24, both at Petco. I don’t think they make these trees anymore.



Of course, Jacoby helped my husband build both of them.


He and Angel also performed extensive quality control assessments.


Looks like they passed. I don’t think a day goes by that the cats don’t use them.

Abys are Everywhere: Blanket ID’s Member of the Month

Guess who is Blanket ID‘s member of the month for November?

Yep! None other than our very own Jacoby! He will grace Blanket ID’s Facebook page all this month!

If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you know I love Blanket ID’s tags. All of our cats have them, along with their microchips. They also make wonderful holiday gifts (because you know what comes after November), especially when paired with one of HiTide Creations’ collars.

Hurrah for Jake!

Is it an Aby? New T-Shirt Dress at H&M

Back in April, I discovered that H&M had a T-shirt with Aby kittens on it. Well, they’ve done it again. I think.

This is a new-for-fall T-shirt dress and it only costs $17.95. It actually runs a bit largish, for H&M…the medium is actually a medium! And I’m pretty sure this kitten is an Aby, because…

…doesn’t he look just like this kitten from Abyfriend Leza?