Aby-a-Day – 6 January: “The eyes are the windows of your face”

Those of you who remember the last time I posted on a Saturday may recall that I was a participant in the Saturday Photo Hunt. Each week bloggers would be given a word to portray with a photo. It was a fun little challenge, but, sadly, the last word was Saturday, 31 December…2016.

So. There goes my easy Saturday topic! I am working on a series of posts about our flight to Sweden, but it’s going to take me some time; that will start next Saturday.

So…let’s have Silly Saturday today, shall we? I saw the above meme posted on Facebook somewhere and I absolutely cracked up, for obvious reasons. So as soon as I could, I found me some googly eyes. Yellow, of course.


Unfortunately, even the largest ones I was able to find were still too small. And, well, there wasn’t a really good way to keep it on her face. I tried Scotch tape, and then duct tape, but neither one worked. I was barely able to keep it on long enough to snap this photo.


So I had to resort to my good old friend Photoshop. Much better.

Aby-a-Day – November 29: Boxing match (Silly Sunday)

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered something from Amazon that came in a really big box.


Jacoby was all over that action.


Still, uneasy rests the head of the cat that owns the box.


You can’t help but feel that there are other cats out there who would like nothing better than to steal your box out from under you.


“I feel like I’m being watched…”




“Must have been my imagination…”


“Still, I can’t seem to shake this feeling.”


“Ahhh…I’m just being paranoid.”




Always trust your gut, Jake!

Aby-a-Day – July 5: Togetherness

I’m never alone in the bathroom. Ever.


One reason, at least in the morning, is that Jacoby has suddenly decided that he doesn’t want to eat in his house the way he’s been doing for years.


Nope, now he wants to eat with me.


In the bathroom.


While I’m getting ready for work.


And of course, I don’t mind the company but…when Jake isn’t eating, he’s a little bit…oh, what’s the word?


Clingy? Needy? No…that’s not quite it. Let’s just say he’s extremely “interactive” and leave it at that.


He’s actually acquired a new nickname lately: Rivningskula, which is Swedish for “wrecking ball.” He seems to be perfecting his skill of knocking things off counters with a vengeance.


I guess it’s my own fault…I should have been telling him to “stop that, Jake” and not, “Jake…knock it off!”

Aby-a-Day – September 28: Haute cuisine

Angel has decided she wants to eat on the top of her favourite cat tree, and not on the floor like everyone else.


Oh, I try to feed her on the floor, with Tessie, at the fancy new Hepper feeder in the kitchen…


…but she’ll have none of it.


She takes a few bites, and then runs for her tree.


Sometimes, she runs back and forth from her bowl in the kitchen to the tree. Of course, during all this, if Tessie finishes her own and is still hungry, she’ll just move over and start in on Angel’s food.


If you don’t put her food up there, she’ll just sit up there and yell at you until you figure it out.


So I have to give in, and give Angel her dinner on the cat tree. I really would prefer her to eat in the kitchen (for one thing, she likes to eat her food outside the dish, which is one of the main reasons I bought the Hepper NomNom feeder in the first place!


Look at her face: “Well, it’s about time you got the hint and brought me my food here!”


This just started recently, too. For months, she was happy eating on the floor with Tessie. I’m not sure what changed.


She’s loved the tree since we got it back in the old apartment, and it’s even better now that it’s in the window.


My husband got her started on this; for some reason, he started giving her breakfast up there and now she wants all her meals to be served on the patio.










After supper, it’s time for washing up, of course.


It’s so funny how adamant she is about eating her food up there. Thank goodness no one else is so stubborn!

Aby-a-Day – July 24: Bread Kitten

Thanks to Sherry’s niece Selena, I’ve discovered a new addiction…Bread Kittens!


Bread Kittens is a game for iPhone and iPad that involves outfitting cats with bread armour and setting them to battle with unbreaded kitties in order to save them and save Catlandia. Of course, as you defeat the kitties, you add them to your kitty dojo.


And of course there are Abyssinians. That’s part of the game’s charm: almost every cat is a recognised breed.


In fact, there are three different colours of Abyssinians in this game! Besides the ruddy (I named mine Jaystar), there is a blue (who I call Wrenflight) and a…chocolate silver? Well, I’m not sure what colour he is, but I named him Foxthorn. Here’s my all-star Aby team outfitted in pink Pop-Tarts.


Of course, Jaystar is named after Jacoby…or rather, what Jacoby’s name would be if he were a Warrior cat.


I’ve been having so much fun playing with my virutal Abyssinian and his virtual bread armour that I couldn’t resist breading my actual Aby with an actual bagel.


In the game, different types of bread afford you different protections and different benefits. Some breads assist in the capture of other cats, while other breads aid your attack. These are classified into groups: Flatbreads, Breakfast Breads, Loaf Breads, Chinese Buns and Bagels.


As you can see, Jake has a Poppyseed Bagel. This is a pretty powerful bread armour: it adds 90% of the hit points your cat takes from his opponent.


In the game, though, I have Jaystar wearing a Pork Bun instead.


I don’t think I could get Jake to keep a meat-based bread on his head for any length of time in real life. Especially not one with barbecued pork in it.


Jake just loves it when I discover a new game to play!

Aby-a-Day – May 18: Mother Goose story

Living next to Fort Point Channel is interesting.


We have a little salt water ecosystem right in our back yard. I’ve seen cormorants, grebes, swans, ducks and herons in the water at one time or another. But the most common waterbird is the Canada goose.

jakewaterpano closeup

Just try getting a photo without a goose or two in it somewhere!


Jacoby is used to them. He’s been around them since he was a kitten; to him, they’re no different than the trains, trucks and buses. They’re scary and loud, but harmless if you stay out of their way.


Geese can be pretty mean, but the geese along the Harborwalk are fairly tame.


I’ve seen people feeding them bits of sandwiches and chips from their hands.



The only time you really need to be careful is when they have goslings.


But even then, they’re so used to humans that they aren’t too belligerent unless you get too close.


They almost seem proud to show off their babies.


This story, as you may have guessed, hasn’t really got very much to do with Abyssinians or cats. But last week, as I was biking home along the Harborwalk, I saw a pair of geese with a new batch of goslings.



Naturally, I stopped to take some photos of the little babies.


We were on the Harborwalk at the stretch that is entirely fenced along the water, and the geese were walking along the inside of fence.


Some of the babies, however, were walking on the outside of the fence!


And one of them fell off the ledge into the water. Now, this should not have been a big deal: geese, after all can swim. And the baby was completely fine, too, swimming around and peeping up to the rest of his family. But the parents started to freak out and crawl under the fence to get to their missing gosling! Yes…under the fence. And they were too big to squeeze underneath the bottom bar of the metal fence. Of course, you would think they would simply flap their wings and fly over the fence…but it was like they’d forgotten how to fly! They just kept trying to either bash their way though the upright bars of the fence or squeeze underneath.

It was seriously like an old Warner Brothers cartoon, where Daffy Duck is falling off a cliff and smashes into the ground because he forgets he’s a duck. So, I decided to help. I started trying to scare the geese into remembering to fly. I am sure I looked ridiculous, waving my arms around and yelling “Come on, you can fly! Come on, FLY!”

Finally, I managed to get one parent, I believe the father, to fly over….



…like this (this isn’t him).


One baby and parent down, four babies and one parent to go.


I started trying to shoo the babies into the water with their father. One fell into the water by himself, but the next one fell into a crevice between two of the granite stones.


So I had to pick him up! I then held him out over the water and dropped him as softly as I could. He splashed down, unharmed, and swam over to his dad and siblings. And there was just mom and two babies still up on the wrong side of the fence. A couple of other cyclists stopped to see what I was doing and offer help. Another little baby plopped into the water on his own and there was just one left. I managed to catch it and drop it to join the rest. And only the mother goose was left on the seawall with us humans.

She was completely freaked. She could see her family in the water, but despite seeing her husband fly over, she still didn’t remember that she had wings. She kept trying to squeeze underneath the fence. I actually tried to help push her through at one point – she was so upset she let me touch her back! Finally, one of the other bikers came up with a plan: we would corner her and sort of boost her over the fence. That didn’t really work. We got her about halfway up and then she smacked the guy in the chest with her wing and he backed off. But after that, she was even more upset than before, so I just ran at her, yelling and waving my arms. At first, she just ran away from me with her wings out…


…like this (this isn’t her). But then the light seemed to dawn and she took off and finally – finally! – flew over that damn fence.



And at long last, the family was reunited and they swam off into the sunset.

It wasn’t til a few days later that I realised how lucky they were. It was a fairly high tide that afternoon when the first baby fell in, and the baby landed safely in water. But had it been low tide, that baby would have landed on rocks…


…which you can see in this photo of a heron at low tide. You can also see what a long stretch of fence that is – there was no way those geese were going to be able to walk around to the unfenced part!


I’m not going to lie, though…I did think, when I was holding the first gosling, how much fun this whole thing would have been had Jake been with me!

Aby-a-Day – February 16: Ev’ry Day I’m Strollerin’

As part of my Jake plushie project (which is on temporary hiatus due to moving), I bought a toy stroller. It’s been stashed away, and because of moving I got it out and set it up to remind myself of its size.


I turned my back on it for a second…and guess what happened!


A certain someone just hopped right on in.


And just as pleased as punch about it, too. Look how proud of himself Jacoby is.


He sat there for a long time, too, waiting for someone to notice him and give him a push.


“Well! Finally! It’s about time you got here, Dad!”


Jake stayed in the stroller a long time, too, demanding to be pushed. Top up or down, made no difference to him.


Just goes to show you, when you’re a true Strollercat, it doesn’t matter how big or small your stroller actually is.