Aby-a-Day – 2 December: Cat up a tree (Silly Singapura Cat Show Sunday)

One of the fun things about having a cat show in a pet store is, there’s plenty of cat trees to play with.




There was one right in front of Izaak’s cage.


He loved them and how tall they were…but he also really loved this little cubby.


The instructions were folded up inside, but that didn’t stop him from playing in there.



If anything, it gave Zak something to play with whilst he was in there.




I don’t exactly know what he was doing in there…chasing his tail, just spinning around…but he seemed to be having fun.





And then, after a round of spinning and rolling about…


…it was time to attack the post.


Zak loved it in there.




But eventually he started to look around at the rest of the cat tree.



Both Björn and I were taking photos of his adventures.



Zak seemed to notice that high shelf, and he started to get ambitious.



Zak’s not much of a climber at home – much less so than Logan was – but at DjurMagazinet he was fearless.


He even branched out onto the grey tree next to his brown one.


But he soon jumped back to his brown one.


But what was really funny was, after Zak was done playing, the little Neva Masquarade in the cage next to ours went out to explore the cat tree…and was very interested in the smells Zak left behind.

Other People’s Singas: Noodle the paddle boarder, Paolo the Brave and his brother, Keiko

This really awesome video of a Singapura paddle boarding with her human in the UK popped up on Facebook yesterday. Noodle and her human, Nigel, go paddle boarding regularly on rivers in Essex and Sussex. They even have an Instagram page.

But as cool as this story is, it gets cooler. Noodle (Singaneko Artemis) comes from a British cattery, and her father is Bakardi Minimali*PL (“Keiko”). Kinsey, the breeder, has also written two children’s books about Keiko and his littermate brother Paolo (Bolt Minimali*PL). I discovered – and bought – these books last year after we got Logan, delighted to find any books starring Singas.


Of course, you know that our Izaak also comes from Minimali*PL. But if you look at Paolo’s, Keiko’s and Zak’s pedigrees, you’ll find that all three boys’ parents are Tinytoy Rus Mafoj*PL (father) and Angelina Minimali*PL (mother)…so Zak is Paolo and Keiko’s full brother, and Noodle is his neice! Paolo and Keiko are three years older than Zak…but how amazing is it to discover that Zak’s brothers are children’s book stars!? And his neice is a famous paddle boarder!? I guess Zak has a lot to live up to.

Aby-a-Day – 5 August: MINE (Singapura Sunday)

Recently our nearby pet store started carrying Vaisto Mush frozen chicken necks. This is the same brand that makes the raw balls I feed them, so I thought I would get them to see if they liked them. At the very least, I thought, Alfred will eat them because he loves to chew on bones.


Well, I wasn’t wrong. Freddy does like them. But I was surprised that Izaak really loved them.


This is the very first time I gave Zak a chicken neck. Not only did he attack it, but he guarded it, growling and snarling as he ate it.


Despite being the smallest cat in our household (and this was right after he came to live with us), he managed to keep Jacoby, Lorelai and Freddy at bay. Angel didn’t even try.

Here’s a video of that first encounter with a chicken neck. I hope you can hear the growling!


Zak is now addicted to these things. Everytime I go near the refrigerator, he yells at me to open the door and give him a neck! I try to limit them, because too many bones can cause constipation. But it’s hard not to give him one when he is so insistent.


And he is so funny to watch! Even if no cat is around, he growls, snarls and hisses.


…But if anyone gets too close…


Look at Freddy! He doesn’t even try to take it from Zak! He knows from past encounters, he can’t win.


The best he can do is hope for leftovers. Even though he weighs more than double what Zak does (4kg to Zak’s 1.8kg), he just won’t go there.

Here’s a video I made this afternoon showing the stand off. Towards the beginning, Zak hisses with his mouth full of neck. It’s pretty funny to hear!