Aby-a-Day – 25 Maj: This time last year…(Swedish Saturday)

I thought I would chip away at my massive backlog today…


This time last year, we hadn’t gotten Izaak yet, and we were showing Lorelai the outside world on the end of a leash.


Well, she was only three months old…but I think these early outings laid the foundation for her being so good offleash outside now.


Look how little she was!


Even though she was so small, she was still fearless.


Of course, she had her big brothers with her to protect her. Not only Alfred…


…but Jacoby as well.


Rory was lucky to grow up with two protective big brothers.

Aby-a-Day – 18 Maj: “I think I’ll go for a walk outside now, the summer sun’s callin’ my name…” (Swedish Summer)

In both New England and Sweden, a pleasant sunny day is like a special gift, not to be squandered. One must go out and enjoy the good weather while it lasts…because, in both places, wait five minutes and it’ll change.


Take today, for example. It was raining so hard that it woke me up. Anyone who knows me, knows what a difficult thing that is to do.


But a couple of weeks ago? It was gorgeous outside, and we absolutely needed to get outside and enjoy it.


And oh, how Lorelai and Izaak enjoyed it.


The way they interact outside is so different from the way they interact inside. They are best buds, the two who grew up together, the cat show team, the “kittens.”


They play chase games in the house, but it’s taken to a whole other level when they’re outside. They are pretty evenly matched: Zak is older and heavier, but Rory is faster and sneakier.




I know we don’t have a subway to ride, or a city to explore, but we can run around free outside…and that’s a fun option to have.

Aby-a-Day – 11 May: “Whenever I see a tree that is climbable, it must be climbed” (Swedish Saturday)

As I have posted before, Lorelai loves to climb trees.


Unlike Izaak, she can actually shimmy up the on her own without human intervention.


She also seems to feel very comfortable in trees. She routinely naps on the top of our floor-to-ceiling indoor cat tree, and she walks up the side of it without a second thought, so that makes sense.


Not only does she feel at home in the branches…


…she seems quite eager to see if she can go higher!


Oh, wait…what does she see now?

Aby-a-Day – 5 Maj: Happy gotcha day, Lorelai! (Swedish Sunday)

One year ago today, Björn and I took a day trip to Stockholm to meet and collect the amazing Lorelai (SE*Backilandets Mercedes von Ekorntorp).


She was five days shy of three months old, and she was such a curious little thing. She immediately decided that we were her humans, and never seemed to miss her mother or littermates for a moment. Of course, she might have been distracted by my Salmon Poké Yama bowl


Rory was just the happiest kitten I’ve ever seen.


She didn’t even mind me holding her on her back and cuddling her.


She was so tiny, she didn’t fit in the kitten harness I had bought for her, so Björn fashioned one for her out of some cord he had in his bag. Like everything else that day, it didn’t faze her a bit.


Okay, little Rory…get some rest! You thought it’s been a busy day so far…just wait until we get home and you meet the rest of your family!

Aby-a-Day – 4 Maj: Keep your eye on the birdie! (Swedish Saturday)

Lorelai envisions herself a mighty bird hunter. Whenever she sees one, she chatters and starts to stalk it. I have even seen her run after a low-flying jackdaw or pigeon, eyes locked on the feathered prize.


When she sees one up a tree, she stares up at it.


I am not sure what she thinks is going to happen.


Maybe she’s hoping it will just fall off its branch and into her waiting claws..?

Aby-a-Day – 27 April: “You can’t put your feet on the ground until you’ve touched the sky” (Swedish Sunday)

Lorelai loves to be outside where she can run free. At times, she very nearly becomes airborne!


Part of the reason we’ve been training Rory and Izaak to go outside offleash but stay close to us is because we would like to take them out with us when we run simple errands, like taking out the trash.



That way, they get to go outside and run around, we get to take out trash and have fun with our kitties. Win-win, really.



Especially for Rory. When she runs, joy radiates off of her.



She truly is happiest when she is galloping at full tilt.


She really does almost become airborne when she runs!



This is one case where youth is not wasted on the young. Rory is savouring every second of her age and abilities.


Zak, whilst being a little more earth-bound than Rory, still has his moments…as you will see tomorrow.

Aby-a-Day – 6 April: “And Rory has wings to fly…” (Swedish Saturday)

Lorelai and Izaak love to go outside with us. As I’ve mentioned in the past, we have been training them to go outside off-leash with us and come back when we call them.


When we open the front door, Rory is out like a flash.


Zak’s out the door pretty quickly, too, but as for exploring the great outdoors…


…he more wades in slowly from the steps in the shallow end as opposed to Rory’s diving head-first from the deep end.


Once he gets used to it, though, he really does get going.


But Rory…





…there are times I think she’s actually flying, not running!


But remember what I said about Zak, though, once he’s gotten used to being outside?


He certainly has his own flying moments, too!