Aby-a-Day – 17 Januari: Repeat offender (Thursday Things)

As you saw in yesterday’s post, Alfred has figured out some kind of workaround to our cabinet solution. And before you suggest it…we don’t want to move the food. This is the most convenient place to keep it, and, honestly, moving the food won’t stop Freddy from opening the damn cabinet, and he’ll keep on stealing plastic packets whether or not they contain cat food.


Kalle took the two photos yesterday, and Björn caught this action this morning.


By the time Björn took the photos, Freddy was nowhere to be seen. As you can see, he was all too happy to frame his brothers for the crime.


Not that they tried too terribly hard to look innocent…


Interestingly enough, whilst I was working on this very post, I heard a crash in the kitchen. I went to look and…yeah, no surprise here.


Oh, hi there…




Far from being contrite, Freddy grabbed a packet of Jake’s food and carried it underneath the dining room table to puncture and shred. I managed to rescue it before he could so Jake can have dinner tonight.


You can tell he’s already plotting his next move…

Aby-a-Day . 3 Januari: He’s not completely evil…(Thursday Things)

So. We know for certain that it is Alfred who is opening and ransacking our kitchen cabinet.


But what I didn’t know…


…was that he also tried to chew into packets of rice noodles! Dried rice noodles are as far from anything cat-edidble that…I can’t even.. Freddy, WTF were you thinking!?


But Freddy isn’t entirely evil. I did laundry and piled it onto our bed.


And look at what he did! He napped next to the laundry, not on the laundry. So, okay…he’s not a completely evil genius!

Aby-a-Day – 27 December: Of Somalis and Schipperkes (Thursday Things)

I have a few more photos from the little mini show we went to at our local DjurMagazinet I wanted to share.


They’re on two completely different topics…but hey, just like most meals between Christmas and New Years, there’s no reason not to mix them up. Leftovers are always better that way.


First off, we have Izaak in his Christmas bow tie, playing with a fun toy.


Look at that concentration!


He really liked that toy!


But even more than the toy, I think he liked the little girl who was playing with him using the toy.


She was pretty charmed with him, too.


The next thing I wanted to share is this Somali, Tootsie, and her friend.


You almost never, ever, see dogs at cat shows…for, well, obvious reasons.


Tootsie was wonderful at walking on her leash…almost as good as her puppy pal.


Oh! I am SO sorry…Tootsie, you obviously taught that dog everything he knows about walking on a leash!

Aby-a-Day – 20 December: Kittens’ first snow (Thursday Things)

As you saw in yesterday’s post, we got our first real snow in Skövde on Monday. Tuesday, I took Izaak and Lorelai out to see their first snow. Jacoby and Alfred, always ready for a little outdoor adventure, wanted to come along as well.


Rory absolutely LOVED it.


She and Jake were the first to run out into the snow.


Freddy, on the other hand…


…was a bit more tentative about the cold, wet, white stuff.


He did say hello to the neighbour girls out sledding, though.


Meanwhile, Rory ran out to see Bruno.


Zak was not impressed with the snow at all. I had to take him out in it, or he would have just sat on the pavement where the snow had either melted or been shovelled.



And as quickly as he could, he went right back there.


But Rory…she took off, running everywhere she could.


The cold didn’t seem to bother her one bit. Neither did the wetness.


She even ran all the way to the sandy place she and Zak played in last summer.


Even though it was buried under the snow, she seemed to know it was the same place.


You may have wondered, whilst looking at all the photos of Rory running everywhere, what the boys were doing. This. They were doing this. Sitting on the non-snowy pavement next to the building, watching her run about like a mad thing.

Aby-a-Day: 6 December: Not every box we open in the kitchen is cat food (Thursday Things)

As you might recall, since moving to Sweden we have been feeding the cats Bozita cat food. Instead of putting food products in cans, many things are packaged in Tetra-Pak boxes.



This leads to a rather amusing side effect. These photos were taken back when we first moved here, in August 2016.


According to the Jacoby, everything that comes in a Tetra-Pak box is food.


“Are you sure this isn’t food? It sure looks like food.”


“You’re not even going to give me a taste?” Of tomato sauce? Hardly.


“Did somebody say something about food? Oh, a box!”



Angel is so adorable when she’s hopeful.

Aby-a-Day – 29 November: De-Frosty the Snow Cat (Thursday Things)

Since it’s gotten colder outside, we’ve been able to store food outside on the balcony. Last night, we used that to our advantage and defrosted our freezer.


Not without help, of course. All the cats were there, of course, because they know food is involved with the big white cold box in the kitchen, but only one thought it would be a good idea to hop inside.


I wonder what he’s going to do when he sees snow for the first time.

Aby-a-Day – 15 November: Pyret’s Pillow (Thursday Things)

A couple of years ago, Sherry sent me a Dean Russo Abyssinian print cushion cover for Christmas. We thought it would be the perfect cover for Pyret’s pillow…and she agreed.


Sometimes, though, she sat next to it, rather than on it. Not sure why, but okay…


Occasionally, when Pyret was sleeping in one of her other spots, Jacoby would commandeer her pillow, but he was the only cat who ever slept on it apart from Pyret. After she died, nobody slept on it. For months, it just sat there unused.


Until recently. In the past month or so, Alfred has taken to using Pyret’s pillow. It’s near the radiator, so perhaps that’s a factor, or maybe it’s to do with the afternoon sun…but I have no idea why it sat empty for so long, or why Freddy decided to start napping there.


Cats are so inscrutible.