Aby-a-Day – 3 March: “Some are born Abys, some achieve Abyness, and some have Abyssinians thrust upon them”

Shortly after Pyret was born, her mother disappeared, and her litter would have died if not rescued and bottle-fed. While Pyret had her littermates for a short while, she never had an adult cat to serve as teacher, mentor, and example. It wasn’t until Olivia arrived that Pyret learned any semblance of how to cat.


But then Olivia died in 2010, and Pyret was an only cat for six years before having her live invaded by two Abys.


Another year after that, another Aby and a Singapura were added into her household.


She hissed at them – a LOT – and she only cuddled or slept with Logan (because Logan never takes no for an answer), but I think part of her was happy to have other cats around. Maybe she would have preferred to have few cats sharing her home…


…but she clearly decided that they weren’t all bad.

And Björn noticed that the LunaTicks had a definite effect on Pyret.


Before she was invaded by the ticked horde, she never begged for food when Björn was eating or preparing a meal…unless he was eating a pizza with shrimp on it.


But after the Abys and Logan arrived…


…she started picking up their bad habits.


Cats learn by observation and example, and Pyret was quick to adopt the ways of the LunaTicks.


Who says you can’t teach an old cat new tricks?


Whenever any cat hears us cutting something in the kitchen, they come running in the hopes it may be meat.


We had a smoked lamb leg at New Year’s, and whenever we took it out to cut some meat off to eat we were swarmed by the LunaTicks…


…and also Pyret.


While she may not have been as proactive as the Abys and Logan in asking for bits of meat,


she was definitely a participant in the Hunger Games.


One fun thing we do with the cats is we play the “Hunt Crunchies” game. It’s simple to play: get some dry food and toss it, one piece at a time, and let the cats “catch” it.


The competition can get quite stiff.


The Abys, especially, are treacherous opponents, as they use their quick hands with impunity. That, and they are so food-oriented!


But even against the hungriest Abys on earth (Alfred and Jacoby), Pyret held her own. These last photos were only taken six months ago, and she was right there in the middle with the boys, catching crunchies!

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Abys are Everywhere: Oops!

I was in Koreatown on 32nd Street, NYC this weekend and after a wonderful dinner at Shilla we stopped in for dessert (bingsoo – Korean shaved ice) at a little Korean bakery called Tous Les Jours. What has this to do with Abyssinians? You might well ask…

The bakery is a hip, happening place, with a big screen on the back where they show the latest K-Pop videos. I look up, and I see G.NA‘s latest hit, Oops, and…a cat. But not just any cat, of course. A pretty blue Aby!

Apparently, the cat is actually G.NA? But it also shows a Korean cat guy loving on his kitty, which you gotta love. Maybe he’s loving on his little Aby BFF a little too much, though…If you’re interested in the lyrics, translations abound online.

Still…random Aby sightings never fail to make my day!

Other People’s Abys: Happy Birthday, Jafari!

Jafari Jamison Underfoot, aka “That Jogging Cat in Vancouver,” is four years old today! One of his humans, Christopher Weeks, posted a lovely tribute to the dashing Aby on Facebook in honour of this milestone.

(Photo copyright C. Weeks, via Facebook)

In that post, Christopher asks a very interesting question:

“What is the true age of “maturity” in an Aby?

Over the years, we’ve come to believe that Aby’s seem to mature in a way that seems different from many cats. We feel that you don’t experience the full maturity or personality of an Aby until around four years of age. Before the age of four, it seems Aby’s (particularly the boys) can lag behind other cats in their overall development. We remember our first and most beloved Aby of our life, and how he seemed somewhat immature even at 3½ years of age. We loved him, but wondered if he was ever going to mellow from his kitten like behaviour. At the age of four, he magically transformed into a cat with a newfound maturity and sense of awareness. He remained very playful, but he suddenly seemed to be connecting on a much deeper and more intimate level with us. At the age of four, it felt more like we lived with a little person than with a cat.

We are seeing the same personality shift in Jafari. He continues to exhibit ever-deepening layers of awareness, relatedness and intimacy. Just as it can be for most of us as we age, Jafari seems to be increasingly comfortable and confident in his body, and in the way he interacts with people. He has developed an expanded vocabulary of chortles, beeps, chirps and purrs. He is demonstrating that refined Abyssinian poise, confidence and wisdom that make them such a joy to live with. And yes, he does have that lovingly obnoxious and sometimes demanding “Aby Attitude”!

Has anyone else noticed this type of personality transformation occurring around the age of four?”

This resonates with me because Jacoby will reach his four-year milestone this April, and I am seeing some of the same things Chris mentions. Jake does seem to be becoming more and more attached to me…and my first Aby boycat never turned four, so this is the first I’m experiencing this. When Angel turned four, I noticed her blossom a bit, but she’s a girl, and she never had the same goofy awkwardness that boy Abys have (don’t get me wrong, she’s plenty goofy and awkward, but in a different way).

There seems to be a cohort of outgoing Aby boys who are taking the world by storm (Jafari, Jake, Toki Nantucket, and Banjo Mooner come immediately to mind) and who are all roughly around the same age. I wonder, could this be the beginning of Aby world dominanation?

Other People’s Abys – Aby Antics!

One more step towards Aby world domination! You remember our friend Kellie, who found her little girl Allie through my blog? Well, she sent me this email last night:

hope all is well with you and your fur family! I just love Jake so much. He just seems like the most fearless cat when it comes to the outside world. I wish my two were a little braver when it came to leaving their territory. Anyways, I wanted to let you know that I’ve just started a blog about my two girls. I call it Aby Antics. My two keep me laughing day and night so I decided to create sort of a scrap book of sorts of their stories, pics and videos. It’s not much yet, but I have so much to add still. It’s going to take me a year just to post everything that’s happened in the last 6 months since Allie arrived. I wanted to share with you since you’re the reason I even found Allie in the first place. What a little clown she has become…just wait and see!


Ha! That’s pretty much how I started my blog, too: I had Gun-Hee, and he was such a character I felt I should share him with the world. Then he died, and we found Angel, and then Jacoby happened…and somewhere along the way I branched out from just my Abys (which is still my main focus) to Abyssinians in general. I think Abys just seem to have that “larger than life” personality…I may be wrong, but I think Abys may be the most blogged-about breed of cat. There’s me, and now Kellie…plus the Pouponette gang, the 4 Abyssinians, Sonny and Cher, and of course Sparkle…all just ordinary people who had one (or more) Abys and started to blog about them.

Abyssinian world domination, I’m telling you. Resistance is futile.

Today is Cat World Domination Day (and also Sparkle’s birthday)


Happy Birthday, Sparkle!