Aby-a-Day – 23 Februari: 어떻게 헤어질까 (Not Cartoon Tuesday)

We’re skipping Cartoon Tuesday this week because I just got the most awesome movie today. How to Break Up With My Cat is a lovely Korean movie that stars an Abyssinian. It’s a romance between a travel magazine writer who owns an eight year old Abyssinian and a sushi chef in training…who can talk to cats and see their souls. I don’t want to give too much away because when I watched it I didn’t know anything about it besides it starred and Aby, and discovering what was going on was magical.

This is the inside of the DVD. I love it so much. The main cat star is a ruddy Aby, but the film also featured a bohemian white Scottish Fold and a blue Aby boy kitten. It is a very satisfying movie for Aby people.

Here’s the trailer…if you love Abys, you need to see this.

Aby-a-Day – 21 Februari: Our friend Summer is in a movie! (Cinema Sunday)

Our Somali friend, Summer is in a movie! Take Me To Tarzana was released yesterday. It is a dark and slightly surreal movie about a pair of millennials who want to stick it to their evil boss… and unearth something bigger and more bizarre along the way.” Because Covid, it’s not in theatres, but you can download or stream it from such sites as iTunes, Google Play, YouTube or Amazon.

Summer and her human actually did get to see the film on the big screen in November at a film festival. Remember drive-ins?

You can watch the trailer (which does not include Summer, sadly) on YouTube.

Abys are Everywhere: Television and Film

We all know that The Cat From Outer Space was an Aby (I’ve posted about that movie many times, and Jacoby is partially named for the titular Jake)…but did you know there were other Abys (and Somalis) in space?

The first time Data’s cat, Spot, appeared on Star Trek: The New Generation, he was a male Somali cat. In later appearances, he became a female shorthaired tabby

Then, in the 1994 film Stargate (which I haven’t actually seen yet), there’s time travel to ancient Egypt, and you know what that means…Ra’s cat makes an appearance. I don’t know anything about the Aby who acted in this movie…I wonder where he’s from?

Finally, my favourite Abyssinian cameo is in the CSI episode “Jackpot” (Season 4, Episode 6). In this episode, Grissom is working solo in a little town called Jackpot (which actually exists), and while working the case discovers a banded, tri-colour hair.

Here’s an exerpt from the script:

GRISSOM: Hey, Doc, take a look at the scope, will you?

(DALE STERLING moves around GRISSOM to take a seat at the table to look through the scope.)

GRISSOM: I found some hair in Ross Jenson’s shirts.

DALE STERLING: That is cat hair.


DALE STERLING: Tricolored. Probably … Abyssinian.

GRISSOM: You wouldn’t happen to have any Abyssinian patients?


(DALE STERLING walks over to his wall where he has pictures of his patients. He takes a particular framed photo down.)

DALE STERLING: Uh … ah. Here she is. Isis.

(He shows the picture to GRISSOM.)

DALE STERLING: Her owner has allergies. He needed an aggressive, shorthair mouser.

(The picture is of LELAND BROOKS and his cat.)

Later that night, Grissom goes to Leland Brooks’ house, and, lo and behold, sitting on a chair on the porch is Isis, a blue Aby.

Oddly, while the cat they used is clearly a blue Aby, it seems to have a stumpy tail…When Grissom gets too close, she jumps off her chair and you can see her short tail. I don’t know anything about this Aby, either. But it’s always cool to see a random Aby while watching a favourite TV show. If you remember, I also found an Abyssinian in an episode of The Office!

Abys are Everywhere – “Touch the Fire” by Icehouse

I found out about this one via the Aby Club on Facebook. Check out the handsome Ruddy in this video:

You can see him a couple of times throughout the video.


He doesn’t have major screentime, like the Abys in Oops or Triumph of a Heart, but he’s there.

Other People’s Abys – How did I not know about this?

Yesterday, I Can Has Cheezburger featured an LOLcat with an Aby wearing a suit, drinking coffee and reading the morning paper, which in turn came from a post over the weekend on The Daily What.

Well, of course that’s an Abyssinian. But here’s the thing: in the comments, people said, “Hey, that’s from a Björk video!” And I said, “What, what? There’s a music video that stars an Abyssinian dressed up in clothes? OMG, must see NOW!” And I went over to our good friend YouTube to see this masterpiece.

Oh. My.

Well. Let me quote from Wikipedia: In the video, Björk tired of her husband, played by a housecat, storms out of the house for a night out on the town. She goes to a pub where she drinks and hangs out with some friends. Then, she goes to the restrooms and the song stops, and the locals (including Dokaka) start beatboxing and making noises. When Björk is back, she joins the crew for a special performance of the song recorded for the video with samples from the ‘Audition mix’ of the song. They go out of the pub and Björk runs through the town drunk, falling over at one point (according to the ‘Making Of’ segment included on the DVD, the fall was staged with a stunt double). Later, she wakes up on a road with scratches and bruises all over her body. She gets up and continues to sing the song, with hearts coming from her mouth. The cat-husband sees the hearts from his house and finds out Björk’s location. He picks her up in his car and they go home. At home, the two share a kiss and dance as the song ends.

And, as it turns out, the leading cat’s name is Muri, and he has his own MySpace page! He’s also quite a celebrity in Iceland.

Even better…on Björk’s website, you can download a “behind the scenes” documentary of the making of the video! It only has a little bit involving Muri, but it’s still really interesting.

But, I have to say…this video came out in 2005! How did I not know about this until now?