Aby-a-Day – 17 April: Pages 6 and 7 (Selfie Sunday)

Björn was interviewed by the Göteborgs-Posten last Thursday bay a reporter doing a piece about Migrationsverket and the “love migration process” and people like us who either have a partner trying to move to be with them or who are that partner, and an article was published in last Saturday’s paper (that’s the big paper of the week there, Saturday instead of Sunday, so you have two days to read it all).

This was the main photo they used on the web version of the story and in the newspaper itself.


This is the front of the newspaper…

björnGP_IMG_3709 1

Look who made it to page 1!


This is the spread on pages 6 & 7 with sidebars about other aspects of Migrationsverket and Swedes waiting for their partners.


Interestingly, this isn’t the first time someone I know has been featured on the front of a major publication.

Postcards from an Aby - Your Cat Magazine, Oct. 2012

Not only that…he also had a spread on pages 6 & 7! Björn and Jacoby…media superstars!

Other People’s Aby’s – Rufus och Flora i Västerbotten, Sverige

And the Swedish influence on my blog is already starting.

Björn and I went to ICA to get groceries and we happened to check the magazine section. I’ve had a link to Kattliv (Sweden’s biggest cat magazine) for years now, but this was the first time I’d seen a hard copy of the magazine itself.

Of course I had to leaf through it. I mean, it’s a cat magazine!

And what do you suppose I found?

An article about two Abyssinians! Their names are Rufus and Flora and they live on a farm in Legdeå, a small town between Umeå and Skellefteå in the Västerbotten region in northern Sweden.

They seem to have an awesome life ruling their humans, hanging out with horses, stalking chickens and hunting rats. I haven’t read the whole article, yet…but now I have something to practice with Björn!

An Aby lost and found story

This is a great story: Emotional reunion after cat escapes car during road trip

But it’s not just any cat…it’s an Aby!

Check out the video:

Abys are everywhere – Pitbulls & Parolees and insurance Abys in the airport

Sometimes, you see Abyssinians where you least expect to. After last week’s post about Abys in television and movies, Abyfriend Ellen Fair wrote to tell me she had been watching Animal Planet’s “Pitbulls and Parolees” when she saw a striking brown cat just hanging out in the yard.

She sent me a screenshot – oh, yeah, that’s definitely an Aby all right! Why is he just sitting outside? Ellen wrote: “It’s just a snap I took with my iPhone of a scene paused on TV. I took it because I thought I might be hallucinating until I rewound the DVR.

Don’t know if you’re familiar with the show, but this is an episode in which Tania Torres (daughter of Tia Maria, the awesomely formidable woman who runs both the show and the New Orleans shelter at its center) and her husband, Perry, decide to get another pit bull after Tania’s beloved Bluie has died. There they are, sitting in their backyard talking it over, while this gorgeous Abyssinian looks on.

‘Pssssst! All the companionship you will ever need is right in front of you!’ my brain hissed as I watched. But–sigh–they are dog people, obviously. I do wonder if the Aby is theirs, or was just hanging around the neighborhood, though I’d find the latter hard to believe–the cat was clearly in excellent shape, and looked quite comfortable.”

I did my due Google diligence and I could find nothing about the Torres family owning any cats…so I don’t know who that Aby is. But still, who’d ever think they’d see an Aby on a program about Pitbulls and Parolees?

A couple of days later, Sherry sent me this advertisement for The Insurance Brokers Association of Canada that she spotted in the Ottawa airport.

She actually saw two versions: French and English. But in either language, that’s still an Aby about to knock over that antique vase! This one struck me as particularly amusing because, well…I work for a property insurance company! The only time I’ve ever had insurance and Abys combine before this was when I brought one to work with me.

Abys are Everywhere – Cat Fancy, now and then

As I’m sure you’ve heard, after 50 years, Cat Fancy’s last issue is now on the newsstands. You cant miss it: Not only does it have a huge “50” on the cover, but there’s also an Abyssinian kitten!

It’s not gone, gone…it’s “reinvented” itself as Catster Magazine to appeal to people who like to look at cats on the internet and will come out every other month. But it’s not the same. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like looking at at cats on the internet as much as the next person. But there’s something about reading a magazine that’s been around your whole life, you know?

I always keep an eye out for old back issues that feature Abyssinians (I wish I still had my old copies from when I was in high school). A few weeks ago, I found this issue from 2003 on eBay. While I knew it had an Aby on the cover, as well as a feature article on the breed, I didn’t know about the bonus Aby.

Check out the cat food ad on the back cover! There was no mention of this little guy in the eBay listing…but isn’t it a great ad?

Yeah, I’m going to really miss Cat Fancy.

Abys are Everywhere -Swiss story about litter and cats at a show in Houston

Abys are everywhere! Today, on the Swiss news site 20 Minuten, an article about litter features an Aby cuddling with his human.

Also, Abyfriend Cynthia pointed me to this excellent slide show of “25 cats trying to figure out why they are at the cat show”.

It not only features her Aby, GC RW Absolute Crawdaddy, doing agility…

But it also features this somali, named Kondwani. I’m not sure if it’s just that thing where once you have something, you notice it everywhere, but doesn’t it seem like Abys are getting more facetime in articles and advertisements lately?

Other People’s Abys – Nigel the therapy cat

One of our friends, Nigel and his human Janet, were featured in a news story on Houston TV because of their work as a therapy team!

I simply love the fact that Nigel has the exact same stroller (in the exact same colour) that Jacoby has.

When she posted the link to the Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook, Janet thanked me and Jake for being the inspiration for her and Nigel to start visiting nursing homes.

Janet is actually a veterinarian, too, so she has a medical background which helps when you’re doing therapy visits.

You can watch the entire segment here.

I love this photo so much…I can’t wait til March when Jake and I can try to get our certification renewed again. Thank you Janet, for sharing this!

Abys are Everywhere: Meet the Abyssinian on Denver Morning TV

Check out these two Abyssinian ambassadors on Colorado’s Own Channel 2 yesterday morning!

Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald introduced the Denver metropolitan area to the Aby. Wonder if that will cause a surge of kitten enquiries?

Jake’s littermate brother Dillin on the news!

Check this out!

Jacoby’s littermate brother, GC Pellburn Johnny Dillinger, was featured on the Halifax 6 o’clock news last Sunday. It was actually a story on the Fundy Fanciers CCA show, and it also features Nofuratu the Nakedcat, a Sphynx friend of ours.

It’s always so much fun to see pictures of Dillin…after all, he is Jake’s closest relative. I wonder if they would remember each other if we could reunite them?

Abys are Everywhere – Meow Mix Aby

Meow Mix featured an Abyssinian on their Facebook page yesterday:

“It’s always smart to stay hydrated to keep your voice jingle ready! Record yours at www.ItsMeowTime.com.”

Abys are Everywhere: The Mooners in the Washington Post

Our friend Lisa Maria Padilla and Abys Racy and Twyla Mooner were recently featured in an article in the Washington Post

I love this one reader comment, too: “Currently [I have] 3 cats, two of which we raised as four day old kittens abandoned a couple years back by their mom. They all have learned little tricks, most of which involve ways to interact with their favorite humans and/or to get the occasional treat. In fact, every one of them responds to “Doors Closing” when I say it like the Metro announcement.

This proves that my cats are at least in one way smarter than many of my fellow commuters.”

Aby-a-Day – March 18: “Harmony seldom makes a headline” (Cartoon Tuesday)

By now, you’ve most likely heard about Lux, the 22lb Oregon cat who attacked his family and prompted them to call 911 from behind a locked bedroom door.


It’s a crazy story, and of there’s just so much we don’t know about the situation beyond what the humans involved are telling reporters. Lux doesn’t seem to be giving many interviews, but cats don’t generally “go ballistic” unless they’re provoked.

To me, however, the most absurd thing about this whole thing is the “transcript” of the 911 call:

“Raaaaaarrrrrrr”? Really?

And then there’s the media calling Lux the attack cat a “Himalayan” when he’s clearly a black and white longhair. I’m sure Himalayan breeders the world over are just thrilled about their cats getting a false reputation of being an “aggressive” breed. And despite the fact that several photos of Lux have been widely circulated in the media and online, he’s still being called a Himalayan. That kind of negative press can take a lot to overcome.

Of course, when an Abyssinian gets media attention, it’s usually because they’re just being Abyssinians. And fortunately for everyone, they’re not really the violent type.

Edit: Guess what!? Jackson Galaxy will be going to Portland to visit Lux and the humans, and it will be featured on an upcoming episode of “My Cat From Hell!”

(Click cartoon to embiggen, or you can view all cartoons in Slideshow mode on Flickr.)

Abys are Everywhere: Can Cats Be Therapy Animals?

Hey, wait a minute…that’s not just any Aby…


My friend TJ Banks interviewed Jacoby and me for this article she wrote for PetsAdviser: “Hooray for Cats! More and More Are Becoming Therapy Animals”. Check it out!

Abys are Everywhere: Russian models

Check out this awesome Russian magazine page!

How awesome is this? It comes via Facebook, and an Aby breeder named Irina who writes:

“Our dear cats took part in photographing for advertising of exclusive Pet Carriers and Pet accessories for the Conde Nast Traveller magazine Eternity and Jevel estimated bags from Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada”

I don’t know if it’s in the English version of Conde Nast Traveller, but if I find it I’ll let you know.


Abyfriend Marta gave me the heads up that we are in the August issue of Tufts Veterinary Catnip Newsletter!

I had no idea. I managed to sweet-talk a guy in the fulfillment department for a hard copy of that issue for Jake’s portfolio, but in the meantime, Marta sent me a scan, for which I am grateful:

I am disappointed that I wasn’t credited for my photo. It says “Photo Courtesy of Deb Gibbs,” who is in charge of the pet therapy program at Tufts Veterinary School…but I took that awesome photo and it’s be nice if people knew that…Deb says they’ll print a correction in the next issue, though.

Aby-a-Day – February 21: Will success spoil Jacoby Stealin’ Home?

It’s amazing how much press some kitties can generate!

“The cat ‘Pellburn Jacoby Stealin’ Home’ made an appearance onstage.”
Kayana Szymczak/Boston Globe

There are a few different features on Boston.com, including a truly magnificent photo of Jacoby onstage taken by Boston Globe photographer Kayana Szymczak (which was also in the actual printed newspaper today). They did a preview article (and an interview with yours truly), a nice slideshow of the entire event as well as an analysis of cat videos.


The Boston Dig is also featuring a Fotobom of the day, which can also be seen on Flickr!

Then there was a great story and video by the Somerville Patch on the Copy Cat Festival yesterday – be sure to check out their slideshow, too!

I especially love this one the reporter, Sara Jacobi (no relation) took of Jacoby and me talking with Rachel Strutt from the Somerville Arts Council.


It was a long day for Jake – we were there eight hours, from noon til 8pm – but he handled it like a champ. We did take a little break at one point; Jake decided he needed to get away from his adoring public and took a little tour behind the curtains.


He was very interested in these kettle drums.


Jake wasn’t the only cat at the festival, though. This little black and white girl, Krufka, sat patiently on her own little sofa while her human read a story about her.


And as I mentioned on Sunday, Famous Seamus was also in attendance. He was such a sweet cat. And as his human said, he was twice the size of Jake! Jake’s such a big Aby…it was nice for someone to call him “small” for a change.


I also got to meet local author Clea Simon, which was awesome; I haven’t met many authors of books I’ve read! Her book The Feline Mystique is a fascinating study of the ancient relationship between women and cats. She also writes feline mysteries!

And we met Case and Emily, the creative geniuses behind Ferocious Friends cat toys…now, these things might just give Neko Flies a run for its money! Check out their video if you don’t believe me!

I also have to mention my favourite local video – this song by aspiring local singer-songwriter Kevin Choi! Not only is Kevin super-talented, but he’s a total cat person.

I read somewhere that cat people don’t really have the social outlets that dog people do, like dog parks. That’s what made the Copy Cat Festival so magical: it was a gathering of creative, artistic cat people, drawn out of their studios, workshops and computer screens, united by a common passion. I hope it becomes an annual affair – you know Jake and I will be there!

Aby-a-Day – February 17: Strollercat makes a splash at the Somerville CopyCat Festival

Well…today was the Big Day! The Somerville Copy Cat Festival pulled off two shows with nary a hitch.



Well…except for the weather. It was snowing pretty good this morning.


Actually, it was snowing really good this morning.



Jacoby, however, was awesome! I am so proud of him. It was a really long day – we were there from noon til almost 8pm! But it was a lot of fun.


To start things off, Jef Czekaj read his book “Cat Secrets.”


Jake watched over his book sales table while he was up on stage.


We got to meet another famous local cat, too – Famous Seamus!


Seamus is a huge cat. He has extra toes on all his feet, too.


I was amazed at how well he and Jake got along. Granted, we didn’t let them get too close to each other, but still.


The main part of the festival, of course, was the cat videos. They were shown in two parts, local videos and then international ones (including Henri le Chat Noir and Maru).


Jake actually watched the videos quite intently.

(This is the video he’s watching in the photo…)


It was super cute.

There was also a slideshow of local cats…and I was amazed to see a photo of Sierra Stinkface! The cat world is small, indeed. It was a really great day. I met some awesome people (including Case and Emily from Ferocious Friends, some of the most awesome wand toys I’ve seen in a while) and had some amazing conversations today.

Interestingly enough, there was also another cat festival today – the Gato Fest in Mexico City! I guess February 17 is a good day to be a cat!

Aby-a-Day – February 15: Cat about town (Famous Friday)

The Somerville Copy Cat Festival is the day after tomorrow (!), and Jacoby is fast becoming Boston’s most famous feline citizen.


He’s featured on Page 11 of this week’s Boston Phoenix and on Page 55 of this week’s Improper Bostonian! He’s also featured on the local NPR station, WBUR’s, website, all in connection with the festival this Sunday!

Boston may be a big city…but in many ways, it’s a small town.


Jake’s also making a bit of a splash in the CFA; the show season runs from May 1 to April 30, and somehow Jake’s managed to squeak his way into the top 10 Abyssinians in Premiership…

Check it out:

ABYSSINIANS IN PREMIERSHIP (Region) – [Points] – (Rings)
1. Zehnder’s Roger Vivier of NuDawnz – Blue Male – (4) – [4844.85] – (100)
2. Anubis Taz Mania – Red Male – (1) – [1743.80] – (83)
3. Gil-Aby’s Trooper – Blue Male – (7) – [1331.55] – (88)
4. Lalima’s Mikhail Baryshnikov – Ruddy Male – (9) – [1095.55] – (97)
5. Anqet Binkhaaphajaosuduangjun – Ruddy Male – (5) – [781.95] – (32)
6. 3Janes Bama Tidal Wave – Ruddy Male – (7)[761.30] – (59)
7. Masmera D’Arte Meranti – Red Male – (A) -[263.40] – (16)
8. 3Janes Midnight Rambler – Ruddy Male – (5) – [235.50] – (36)
9. Astech’s Amelia Earheart – Ruddy Female – (3)- [155.10] – (6)
10. Pellburn Jacoby Stealin’ Home – Ruddy Male – (1) – [150.25] – (17)

Isn’t that exciting! He’s also one of the top 40 cats in Premiership in the North-Atlantic Region…we haven’t been to that many shows this season, but apparently he’s done better that I thought! I’m just happy to make one final in every show we enter.


But my favourite thing about Jake’s fame is this little catnip candy box made by our friend Mycrobe. The Abyssinian candy was inspired by Jake!


(No, really! It was inspired by Jake – she told me so!)



I think it’s Jake’s favourite thing about being famous, too.

Other People’s Abys – Our friend Rosie on CBC Vancouver’s Facebook Page!

Check this out…Abyfriend Katscan’s little girl Rosie is making it big on the CBC Vancouver Facebook page:


Would you put your cat on a leash? Early Edition listener Kathy sent us this photo of her cat Rosie. (MJ)

My favourite comment was someone who said Yes, if it was a Bengal cat, otherwise no. I listed off the Abys I know who go out and about on their leashes, mentioning Jafari in Vancouver, Radar in NYC…and of course, Jacoby in Boston!

Click to watch the video!


You can see Kathy and her boy Aby Louis on the Vancouver evening news on the CBC website – her interview is part of an article about the number of birds cats kill and the possibility of Vancouver passing laws requiring cats be leashed and licenses.

Abys in Need: Abyssinian and Egyptian Mau in Iowa Shelter

Stories like this always make me sad. Two seven-year-old bonded buddies, King Louie the Aby and Little Dragon the Egyptian Mau, are looking for a new home in Iowa. They’re being fostered on behalf of the Animal Rescue League of Iowa in Des Moines. It doesn’t say why these two gentlemen are in need of a new family, but they’ve been homeless for over a month already.

King Louie is a purebred red/sorrel Aby. He’s a little chubby, and he’s the shyer of the pair.

Little Dragon is a striking silver Egyptian Mau, and he’s said to be “like a dog” in many ways.

According to the website: These guys are a friendly pair who make themselves at home quickly. Dragon, a purebred Egyptian Mau, is the more affectionate, outgoing and vocal of the two. It may take a little longer for him to warm up, but once he does, he’ll be your best bud! He actually acts like a little dog sometimes — he likes being roughhoused, head-butted and scratched. Louie, a purebred Abyssinian, is a watcher-on-the-sidelines. He observes everything, and you can see how intelligent he is as he considers every situation. These boys are a great pair and love each other very much. They need a very quiet home with either older kids or no kids and preferably no other pets. Louie has a tendency toward bladder crystals, so he will need to be on special food for the rest of his life.

If you know anyone in the area who needs a couple of lovely boys, please contact Carol at cgriglione@arl-iowa.org.