Aby-a-Day – 18 Augusti 2020: Seasonal Abyssinians (Cartoon Tuesday)

I was reminded of the two Abyssinian drawings I did for the Fall and Spring issues of the Abyssinian Cat Club of America. I made some marble magnetswith the images and just noticed them again the other day.


When I drew my cartoons before getting the iPad, I would do the sketches, trace them in ink, and then scan them and put them together in Photoshop.


I also had some inkbrush pens that I was experimenting with. Since the cover of the newsletter was printed in black and white, I wanted to do a different sort of springtime drawing. Plus, the snowdrops coming up through the snow is one of my favourite signs of spring. On the final version, I added the shadows and added an “icy” filter to the background.


I immediately knew what I wanted to do for the fall cover. Sometimes I would do several versions of a face or other parts to get the best drawing assembled.


I remember drawing these leaves. I sketched a few different styles and then traced them over and over again to get the look I wanted. It’s so much easier now that I have leaf brushes in Procreate and Photoshop! Even so, there’s something satisfying about drawing on paper…Someday I should finish the series with summer and winter.

Aby-a-Day – June 20: Strapping young cat (Fashion Friday)

Longtime readers of this blog know I have a fascination with well-made, high quality leather items.


Just look at Jacoby with his Arja’s Art harness and braided leather collar and leas from HiTide Creations!


I have a great leather bag from Fossil, and I love it to death. It’s not quite a messenger bag, but it’s not really a purse, and it fits my lifestyle perfectly…except for the strap, which was an adjustable leather strap with a nylon webbing back. The adjustment kept moving on me til the bag was hanging too low…and I hated the fabric backing.


But where do you go to get a really nice, well-made replacement strap that matches the bag perfectly when it’s an oddball colour like teal? I did some searching, and discovered the answer is Mautto Purse Straps and Handbag Accessories! They’re based in Northern California (my native land) and they do amazing work.


Their teal leather wasn’t strong enough to make a strap on its own, so Lynette suggested a backing of sturdier chestnut leather to match the trim on the bag. It turned out incredibly well. It feels amazing, and it’s probably stronger than the bag is. I’ll have this strap much longer than the bag, I think!


Here’s a close-up of the two leathers melded together by strong stitching.


The colours are an awesome match.


Since this is a blog about Abyssinians, not purses, here is Jake on my bag with it’s awesome new strap.


Abys are particularly tactile cats. I think Jake likes the feel of this leather.


Gratuitious grabby Aby hands.



Nobody better try to snatch this purse! Jake the guardcat is on the job!

Obey the Purebreed

I had thought that I’d posted about this ages and ages ago, but evidently I haven’t. Well, that lapse is about to be corrected, and about time, too: these guys are awesome.

Obey the Purebreed sells “propaganda for dog and cat world rule,” and, as a part of this quest for global domination, Abyssinans are amply represented.

Not only do they have an “Obey the Abyssinian” design (similar to what they have for several dog and cat breeds), but there is also a special Aby “Big Brother is Watching You” design.

These designs come in T-Shirts, Mugs, and Tote Bags, among others, all sold on Cafepress.

Gun-Hee’s my star!

I got Gun-Hee’s star tags back from Brad the Engraver. They are wonderful!

And on the back…

The backside was engraved by a company out in Western Mass, Rossi Pet Tags. They’re wicked cheap – $3.99 a tag with free shipping! – and they have 60 different fonts and several little graphics that can be added to the tag. They’re anodized aluminum tags, and they come in several different colours and shapes. Easily the best tags I’ve found yet…I use engraved tags for everything, too: luggage tags, ID tags for cameras, jump drives, computer bags…I’m sure I’ll be ordering more. Especially since they tell me they’ll soon be able to do Korean characters…

Putting the birthdate on the back of the tag is a bit of a tradition. I had sterling silver tags made for Harri, Sigrid and Patrick made over 10 years ago with their names and a jewel in the front, and their birthdates on the back; since I had two lines, I figured I might as well continue the tradition.

All of the cats have three tags: The name/address/phone number tag (which is on a separate tag in case the info changes), closest to the chest, with the wording facing in; then the Rabies tag, which, despite when they got the shot is a blue flower on all four cats (some are from 2001, some are from 2005) because those look the nicest. Their current tags are attached to their carrying bags, just in case.

Then their individual tag in front. Patrick has his silver tag with a synthetic Emerald in it. Tessie has a little enamelled Red Sox logo. Kylie has a small pewter heart with her name on it…and now, Gun-Hee has his star with his name in Korean (replacing the Bakelite one we got made in Seoul, which is starting to chip and which I don’t want to get ruined).

Perhaps someday, I’ll get Gun-Hee a silver charm like Patrick’s…probably the next time I go to Korea.