Angel-a-Day: October 23

Angel loves to bask in the sun on our bed.

Angel-a-Day: The Return

I’m full of fail – I know. Somehow in August I got backlogged on photos, and somehow just…never caught back up.

I don’t think I can back-post 2+ months of photos, but I can start back up as of today.

So, without futher ado…

A little project I’m working on – a stuffed Angel! So far, all I’ve got done is her head…

Angel-a-Day/207 of 365

Angel gets distracted by the supersoft IKEA sheepskin rug
while playing with donnad’s mousie.

Angel-a-Day/199 of 365

Tessie encroaches on Angel’s personal space in the litter box.

Just after, Kylie and Tessie double-teamed poor baby!
I couldn’t get a photo, so I sketched the incident for future reference.

Angel-a-Day/191 of 365

Angel and Tessie play with the remote control car.

Tess and Kylie are more afraid of the car. Angel’s all, “Oh yeah, I’m totes scared.”

Angel-a-day/185 & 186 of 365

Sorry I missed last night’s Angel; we were at last night’s Red Sox game and didn’t get home til late.

July 7: Angel watching Captain America (aka Jason Varitek)
catching the Independence Day Red Sox game.

July 8: For whatever reason, Angel has to watch the action up close.

Which led to this Angel Macro…

Angel-a-day/181 & 182 of 365

I apologise for missing yesterday’s Angel; I was super-tired and crashed before I could post.

July 2: Angel and the other girls, monitoring the repairman.

July 3: Angel in her adopted bed under the coffee table.

Angel loves her little bed under the coffee table.

Angel-a-day/167 of 365

Angel exploring the spaces between the rocks at Rolling Bridge Park.

She actually found a cave under this one and went in!

Ha! Look at the sand on her head!

Angel-a-day/158 of 365

Angel and Tessie sharing a pillow on the sofa. My husband turned around when I snapped this and asked, “did you put them like that?” “No,” I said, “They did that themselves. That’s why I took the photo.”

Angel-a-day/152 of 365

Angel loves help me make earrings.

Angel-a-day/148 of 365

Angel striking a pose on the sofa.

Angel-a-day/136 of 365

Angel is not afraid of vacuums, blowdryers, blenders or garbage disposalls.
Or, apparently, hand drills.

Angel-a-day/132 of 365

Angel on the kitchen counter! Since we came back from Florida, Angel has been so much braver! She walks around on the floor, she goes into the kitchen, and she even followed my husband into the front bathroom! Julia told me her daughter Kimberly held Angel and carried her around the apartment when they came to check on the kitties – Angel doesn’t really like being held or carried, so she must have really clicked with Kimberly!
I don’t know if it’s what Kimberly did, or if it’s the outside adventures that are giving her more confidence, or both, but it’s awesome to see her come out of her shell.

Angel-a-day/121 of 365

Since I came here with Gun-Hee, they’ve added another lion head to the park.

Here, Angel investigates the new guy.

Angel-a-day/101 of 365

Angel is most affectionate in the morning, when we aren’t really awake. It’s adorable.

Angel-a-day/94 of 365

Extreme close-up on Angel’s missing eye.

Angel-a-day/91 of 365

My little April fool loves to play with things no-one else sees.

In this case, it’s her playing with her dry food.

She picks out one piece of kibble…and then “hunts” it, “kills” it, and eats it.

It’s so much funnier in real life.

Angel-a-day/85 of 365

Angel and Tessie bonding

Angel-a-day/84 of 365

Close up of Angel in the morning

Angel-a-day/83 of 365

Angel looks up.