Aby-a-Day – February 2: The Kitten Bowl!

Today is the one day that people look forward to all year long, for various reasons. Some get all excited about humans playing football, while others can’t wait for the Puppy Bowl and Kitty Half-Time Show.


This year, though, there was a new game in town: the Hallmark Channel Kitten Bowl!


Jacoby was all over the kitten action, from the locker room interviews to the three games themselves.



Unlike the Puppy Bowl, the Kitten Bowl was an actual playoff game, with actual teams and an actual winner. While the Puppy Bowl is basically just puppies running around playing with toys and each other, the Kitten Bowl had distinct teams: The red and white North Shore Bengals (featuring Ferrell Owens) wearing blue collars; the Last Hope Lions (featuring Tabby Romo), brown tabbies sporting purple collars; the black and black and white Home and Family Felines (featuring Feline Manning) wearing orange collars; and the blue Cedar Cove Cougars (featuring Tomcat Brady) in their red collars. Touchdowns were counted by kittens carrying or batting toys over the goal lines, and field goals were scored by the kittens climbing or jumping over the sisal rope-covered goalposts.


So, in other words, there was an actual game going on with the Kitten Bowl..at least, when there wasn’t a power outage (which both the Kitten and Puppy Bowls seemed to have problems with this year, go fig)!


The Kitten Bowl was three soild hours of kitteny goodness…clearly better than the Puppy Bowl’s ever-shrinking Kitten Halftime Show (which seemed even shorter this year, diluted as it was with Keyboard Cat doing Bruno Mars).


And since it was played by rescue kittens, there were no Abys in the Kitten Bowl…but there was a little white kitten who looked a lot like Kylie did when she was a kitten!


I loved that all the kittens were organised into distinct teams and that each little cat wore a collar with a North Shore Animal League tag. It was a great three-hour commercial for shelter kitties…and it was a lot of fun to watch, too. Jake and I can’t wait for next year’s Kitten Bowl!

Aby-a-Day – February 3: Super Sunday (Because: Kittens)!

When people talk about “the big game” (the one having something to do with that weird brown ball shaped like that kid’s head on Family Guy), all I can think of is “OMG Ktten Half Time Show on Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl IX!”


Because, let’s face it – THAT is the one worth watching. Over and over. Good thing Animal Planet replays it ever hour from 3pm Eastern til 3am! And this year, they’ve added tutu-wearing Hedgehog cheerleaders!


This year, however…the Kitten Half Time Show was…disappointing. They had Jackson Galaxy – who I love – introducing it…but then they kept cutting away to him – and other Animal Planet “personalities” – exclaiming how CUTE the kittens are. Yeah, we KNOW. So why don’t you let us watch them!? I found it really annoying.


He even had a cat co-host, who he told the Kitten Half Time Show should be a whole hour. But I think this year’s show was actually a lot shorter than in previous years. It also seemed like they had fewer kittens than usual.


Angel usually loves to watch the kittens romping around, but this year she slept right through it. I don’t really blame her.

Aby-a-Day – April 4: Wordless Wednesday (Too cute!)


Must Love Cats – Submit your feline fashion plates

I hope it’s not too late, but I literally just found out about this today.

On Animal Planet’s website, in the section for the show “Must Love Cats,” I found this:

In honor of the fourth episode, we want you to send in photos of your cat dressed in their finest gear. Ties? Yes! Hats? Why not? Dresses, costumes and other fun items? We want to see them! Send in your photos now! (Email us at animal_planet@discovery.com with the subject “Must Love Cats”!)

They want photos of a cat dressed up? Yeah, I think I can help them out with that. I had to limit myself to only 6 photos…

They say it’s in honour of the fourth episode of the new season, which is, well, the day after tomorrow (Saturday, 31 March), but the website doesn’t specify a deadline to send in photos, so I figured that all of you might like to send in some photos of your own (Clancy, Finnegan, and Toki, I’m looking at you)!

And hey, if the photos intrigue them and they want to have John Fulton come and meet Jake on camera? Well, I wouldn’t say no to that.

(In case you’re wondering, I just watched the MLC episode featuring cats in the UK, which had a feature on the “Bionic Vet” Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick, the man behind Oscar the cat’s back feet. Other patients of Dr. Fitzpatrick were shown on this episode, including a red/sorrel Somali named Pip who’d had a knee replacement due to bone cancer. I was trying to find out more about Pip for you, since he’s a Somali…but I was not able to find anything about him, not even a still photo. I’ll keep looking, though. It’s a rare day when my Google-fu fails me!)

Aby-a-Day – March 8: Downtime during the cat show

One thing that people don’t know about cats is, they love hotel rooms.


It’s really funny. I’ve heard this from a lot of people at cat shows, and I’ve seen it in my own cats. Something about a king-sized bed, institutional art, and a “do not disturb” door hanger really appeals to kitties.


I got Jacoby a large, leopard-print catnip kicker from one of the vendors and that + hotel room = crazy fun times for Jake.






Some combination of catnip and king-sized bed just really appealed to Jake; he was rolling and kicking like a mad thing!


Kick, kick, kick.


Bite, bite, bite.


Good times!


Eventually, Jake settled down and watched the latest episode of Too Cute! Kittens on Animal Planet with me.


Despite being around other cats all day long and having three feline roommates back at home, Jake was still captivated by the kittens’ onscreen antics.


Or…maybe he just wanted their toys..?