Loki Hunts With StarClan

Do you remember back in 2014, two Abyssinians in Australia who were who were rescued by my friend Phyll. They settled into their new home quickly, and were named Loki and Odin (because Odin lost an eye).

So it was very sad for me to see Phyll’s post yesterday morning in the Facebook Abyssinian Cat Club: “Hi all, it is with a broken heart that I let you know that Loki, one of the Renbury Rescue Abys that you all helped save in 2014, has passed tonight. I am heartbroken, he was such a gorgeous boy, but know I was with him at the end and after. The photos are of him when he was in the pound and the other, his life with me after you all helped save him and his litter mate. My new job is to help little Odin understand that his brother will not be back. Odin was given the chance to say goodbye to Loki as he came home with me. Arrangements have been made and Loki will be picked up tomorrow to be cremated and returned home. Not sure little Odin understands that Loki has gone as he is not the smartest of cats in the world, but I am hoping. Thank you all that helped these boys and remember Loki with love.”

My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend has stopped running today. Sleep well in Tuonela, dear Loki.

Update on the Aussie brothers Odin and Loki

This is not an April Fool’s joke…just look at our friends from Oz!

Phyll writes “The boys are now vaccinated and have a good bill of health. Odin is now 3.13kg which is a 150 gm increase and Loki is 4.something kg (sorry can’t recall actual weight) but vet is happy with them. Both need to gain a little bit more but nearly at their correct weight. Eye socket on Odin is great and Loki had a complete check out, ears included. Lot of wax build up in ears, but appeared mite free. Will be a long time before I clean them though. Temperatures on both are fine. I am now sporting several war wounds and have blood on my carpet and shirt, pee on my bed and four very stressed cats, one stressed daughter and one stressed me. Household is now calming down and relaxing. Thank god it is all over, I am enjoying a wine and then on to preparing the boys meal and then cook ours. Of course humans come last! <3"

Don’t they look spectacular!?

Update: Playful rescue Abys in NSW, Australia

Phyll, the woman who adopted the two rescued Aby brothers in Australia, posted a new video of them playing (yes, playing!) this weekend on the Facebook Aby group.

Odin and Loki (they have names, now, too!) seem to be having a lot of fun with this donut toy. Poor lads, it looks as though they haven’t had much play in their lives.

They are also so polite when they play! They take turns and everything. I’m sure that will change as they become more settled. And according to Phyll, they do seem to actually be brothers: “The vet puts them at the same age, and given the mutilations to their ears, and the fact they were found together and are inseparable, would have to say they are brothers. But, their coats are so different. Odin has a beautiful soft, silky coat which is improving all the time and Odin’s coat is quite course but also getting more of a shine to it. If not full brothers, they are definitely brothers from different mothers :-)”

Oh, if only this pair could talk and tell us what they’ve been through!

Update: Home Sweet Home for the Abys in Need in NSW, Australia

The Australian Abys are home for good!

Phyll posted an update to the Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook this weekend. It’s early days, of course, but everything seems promising.

“Well everyone, here they are. OMG, Mr one eye (no definite name yet) is so small, vet thinks they are about 4 years old but he is the size of a 6-8 month old kitten. The fawn is a bit bigger but much more shy. Both very active through night and love the cat tunnel, as we know those things are so quiet when being played in, NOT.”

The new arrivals have, however, set off her other two cats. One is acting out on the other instead of the Abys: “I am having troubles with my older cat, Blueboy who has taken to attacking Baron viscously. Did the dash out yesterday and bought some Feliway and rescue remedy. I still have Bluey isolated from Baron I am expecting a call from a lady today involved in cat rescue and hopefully she can give me some helpful tips to get my old boy back to being his usual loving and smoochy self. He is fine with us just not Baron.”

Hopefully once the Abys are acclimated and meet Bluey and Baron, everything with sort itself out and they’ll all be one big happy family. Good on you, Phyll!

Update: A happy ending for the Abys in Need in NSW, Australia

Good news for a change on the Aby rescue front! Check out what’s been going on with those two rescued boys in Australia:

They’ve been adopted! They were adopted by Phyll Calvert, who was involved in their rescue and who was keeping us all updated on their progress on hte Abyssinian Cat Club Facebook page:

Hi all, here is a photo taken this evening of the Renbury tawny/ruddy/usual who had an eye removed yesterday. Still yet to decide on a name for him and his bro. Anyway, it is 8.00pm Tuesday, 4 March in Australia. I have just got off the phone with their carer Jo after she picked up the boys from the vet after surgeries. They are both doing well, have put on weight and vet is happy with where they are at and Jo advised that the vet is now happy for them to be migrated off kitten food and onto a normal diet. Eye removal was smooth with no complications and he will be on anti-inflammatories for 2 weeks. They have both been desexed and given their vaccinations. So far so good. The tawny/usual/ruddy is a very smoothie boy and was after pats and scratches as soon as he woke from eye/desexing surgery :-). The silver/fawn? Well he is still quite aloof and reserved, but not quiet, apparently he was extremely vocal during the trip from the vet back to carer Jo’s house. Methinks, my boss is going to need ear plugs for the 4 hour drive from Northshore, Sydney to Canberra on Friday!!! Well, he did volunteer didn’t he? 🙂

I will post an update in 3 days time when the boys will be finally with me.

Isn’t that brilliant!? And names suggested for the pair include Rufus and Rupert, Ralphie and Randy, Sisu and Phoenix, and (my personal favourites) Hawkeye (for the tawny/usual/ruddy, of course) and Trapper. I can’t wait to see what they think of their new home!

Abys in Need: Another update on the Aussie Abys

These two boys are becoming an international sensation…and I don’t think they even have names!

Hi everyone. It is 8.20 pm, 19 Feb. not much has changed. The boys are still being a bit shy about their meds so the carer still has them confined to reduce stress to get their meds into them. The tawny (ruddy) is very smoochy, but still wary, and the silver/fawn is still vary scared and timid. Carer Jo has shared a photo. To all those that have donated, if you sent a confirmation email of your donation you should by now have received an email of thanks from the rescue group. If you have donated and did not send an email to fostering@catrescue.com.au, please email them with the details of your donation mentioning that it is for the Aby’s. THANK YOU ALL FOR CARING FOR THESE BOYS. LOVE TO YOU ALL.

And they do respond to your donations and emails! Here’s the message I got from the rescue in response to my donation: “Thank you so much for your kindness Coco and apologies for the delay in our response. Money has been received. I think cats will have to wait for surgery for a few weeks to ensure no cat flu present or becomes present in the week or so post-pound before eye op. Your donation will really help us. Cheers”

I really wonder what happened to these two, and what they went through in the wilds of Australia before they were picked up.

Abys in Need: Another update on the Aussie Aby brothers

More good news about those two lost boys in New South Wales:

This was posted to Facebook yesterday:

Update on the Aby boys (beautiful pic thanks to Jo Lyons who goes to Renbury each weekend to take photos to help the animals gets rescues and adoptions)

Carer Jo A picked up the boys from Renbury yesterday and did a big round trip so they could see Dr David before going home. They are very small cats and underweight. Apparently they have great teeth and Dr David thinks they are only four years – not eight as advertised. They have been given some antibiotics. Apparently they were very vocal during their transport and did not like the vet very much either. Can’t blame them really. The carer has them isolated to the bedroom and they are very shy. Hopefully they will calm down after a traumatic day let alone the past week. I bet Jo ends up with some little friends on his bed tonight. They are shy at the moment having had the indignity of ending up in the pound and now another strange move. They will both be desexing in two weeks and eye removed as well as long as they are both healthy. Jo will have then on Royal Canin Baby Cat dried and wet and fresh human grade raw food as well so they get lots of excellent nutrition so they can recover and gain weight with some high quality nutrition on board.

I would like to put a huge thank you out to the people around the world involved in the Aby Club. They have actually covered most of the cost of these boys’ surgery and we are incredibly touched and grateful.
The girls at Melbourne Animal Rescue put their hands up as back up for these guys and we offered to help in the process. So only when they have had their surgery and given the all clear, they will go to MAR who are an excellent rescue group. And the Aby group will be helping spread the word for a suitable adopter. Pure breeds do need to be adopted by people who have breed experience as they have their quirks that must be understood.

Remember, if you want to make a donation for the Abys using Paypal, you may do so using this link. Then send an email to fostering@catrescue.com.au so they know to allocate your donation towards the Abys’ care. And stay tuned for more happy news about these two boys!