Other People’s Abys – Calendar Cats

Today’s Page-a-Day Cat Calendar page features a lovely blue Aby from Ontario.

“Saint Francis – Eight-year-old Isis, a beautiful blue Abyssinian, loves this statue of Saint Francis, says Lucinda Korman of Sharon, Ontario, Canada. Isis will eat anywhere, but she especially likes sharing a meal with the patron saint of animals, who loved all wild creatures and sometimes would kneel among them in the forest, offering bits of his meager supper.”

People sometimes forget this, but San Francisco was named for Saint Francis…

Abys are Everywhere: Blue is the new Ruddy

Blue Abys are everywhere! As part of our move, we’re buying a new bed, and I’m looking at one on Wayfair.com.

Well, since I signed up for an account with them, I get emails telling me what goodies they have on sale. Like litter box cabinets! I had no idea Wayfair had cat furniture…but they do!

And look at the handsome blue Aby they have modelling this cabinet! We currently have two white cabinets (one in each bathroom), but if we ever want to change colour, I now know where to go.

I was also pleased to discover that they sell the Sophia box-shelves, because we were thinking of getting those…and obviously, they’re Aby-approved!

These shelves come in sets of two, and you can get either black or white. The Aby, sadly, is not included.

Surprisingly, Wayfair carries a lot of the “standard” modern cat furniture, like the Sebastian Modern Cat Tree (look who’s the model again!), the Lotus Cat Tree and the Square Cat Habitat Baobob and Acacia cat trees. They also carry cat shelves like the Refined Feline Clouds shelves and the Square Cat Habitat Buddah Perches. Who knew!?

Since we’re looking to do some catification in the new place, I went over all the blog posts about cat shelves and walkways on Hauspanther and discovered that somehow I’d missed this one from last year! How did I not see this lovely blue Aby Zidane in her San Francisco loft?

I’m seeing a lot more blue Abys in advertising lately…interesting trend!

Abys in Need – Two Blue Sisters in MA

Okay…everyone who’s ever wanted two Abys for Christmas, here’s your big chance. I don’t have a lot of details, but this is what a friend emailed me:

Friend called me, she was contacted about two free blue Aby girls in Mass. The lady has to move and cant take them with her. Breeder was in Virginia, no longer breeding, so no help there. She will give them away free, only about 1 year old or so.

If you can help, number is 617-605-6205 – Jane Denner I think was her name.

Sorry but that’s all I know. It looks like the number’s from Malden or Weston since it’s a 617 area code. But if you’re looking for a pair of Abys…give the woman a call!

Abys in Need: Annie in Alameda, CA

There’s more than nuclear wessels in Alameda these days!

Annie is a stunning young blue Aby girl in an Alameda rescue:

“Annie is a very sweet and gentle kitty. She is very calm and loves to be around her human, to be petted and sit on your lap and purr. She mostly lies around and likes to follow you around and investigate new areas. Though pretty mellow, she still has young kitty energy and likes to play from time to time. Annie likes attention and would be good with another kitty or people that are not gone from home a lot of the time. She is a blue Abyssinian as you can tell by her unique coloring and features. Annie gets along with other cats but could be a solo cat as well. She may be fine with a calm dog and/or older kids. We estimate her date of birth to be summer 2012. Her next home will be all the better with Annie as a new member. Want a new, sweet, loving, loyal kitty member of your household? Annie is your girl! Bio# 3383 MR”

Interested in Annie? Contact Island Cat Resources & Adoption in Alameda, CA by phone at (510) 869-2584, or email adoption@icraeastbay.org.

GC,GP Saynday’s Crazy for Feelin’ So Blue, aka “Patsy”

Sad news, but a legend has joined StarClan…This email came though one of the Aby lists, sent by Teri Kennedy.

I just received a lovely tribute to a cat of one of my breedings
who has passed on over the Rainbow Bridge, from her careperson, Mike
Ruemmier of St. Louis. GC,GP Saynday’s Crazy for Feelin’ So Blue, aka “Patsy” was sent to that place of peace at the age of 14. Patsy, a blue Aby, was born on February 26, 1999 to her dam, GC Saynday’s Tiny Dancer, DM and her sire GC,GP Purssynian Jambe Finite, DM. In that same litter was GC, EC Saynday’s Charly Python of Purssynian, one of the first blues with the most incredible brown undercoat seen back in those days. I was very, very proud of both cats who did well in their respective regions. Charly went on to be a European Champion and was third best cat in Germany in 2002, under the showmanship of Ingrid Stredl — I do not know if Charly is still living.

After Patsy produced some lovely kittens for me, she was retired from breeding and had a wonderful life with her first caregiver, Barbara Mena, who showed Patsy to a one show grand in premiership. Barbara took great delight in Patsy’s companionship for many years until Barbara began to suffer from dementia. That is when Mike stepped in and took Patsy, and he too enjoyed her for many years. Patsy was a wonderful cat to show as Mike mentioned, and she was a good momma to her babies before she was retired.

I had the great pleasure of breeding Patsy to GC,NW Tinbat’s Morgan’s Passing in 2000 and out of that litter Patsy presented me with two gorgeous ruddy kittens who went on to become quite well known in their day — GC,RW Saynday’s Angel Fire and GC,RW Saynday’s Stop the World of Purssynian (Topper). Both of these cats, in turn, produced many beautiful Abys who were one show grands, and regional winners.

Many of the beautiful Saynday cats I bred are either deceased or retired and at this point in my breeding career, I actually have no Abys under the cattery “Saynday” left. Fortunately, many of the wonderful pedigrees I have in the background of present day cats under “3Janes” (with Julie Onstott and Elizabeth Koller) are still active, and beautiful cats are still being produced.

Patsy’s demise has reminded me of my beginnings with my first litter being born in 1995 and of today, 18 years later, of where I had come from, the wonderful people I have been privileged to work with over the years, the stunning cats that were produced and who lived among us, thanks to those collaborations with Ruddibuddy, Tinbat, Crimsoncat, Suncharmer, Dimend, Pandora’s Box, Uffizi, Abyzaby, Purssynian, Azurestar, Chereve, Weslyn, Tigerflower, Glenlea, Abyzona, Varajuan, Zehnder, Indiabi, Heru, Sasauka Boy and Diva, and there may be a few I missed — but look at this list and see how many are no longer breeding.

Patsy will join many of her Aby comrades over the Rainbow Bridge and will be there for all of us at some point in time. Thank you Mike for your loving care of Patsy, and now please see below Mikes’s goodbye to his friend. If you want to see Patsy’s picture, Mike has posted it on Facebook.

Teri Kennedy

Mike’s eulogy, along with the photo above, was also posted on the Facebook Abyssinian Cat Club:

It’s been just 3 months ago almost to the day that renal failure took my beloved Teevors from me. This morning, Patsy joined him. Patsy had lost weight and I was campaigning to get a little back on her. Patsy always had a good appetite, but renal failure takes it toll. This morning I sent her on ahead of me. Patsy’s real name was Crazy for Feeling so Blue. She was a one show Grand Champion as a queen and as a Premier. She was prone to give the judges kisses at cat shows and charmed the socks off about everyone she met. She was retired from shows when she came to me. This picture was taken in one of her favorite places, the insulated jacket for my crock pot. She loved to get up high on top of the cabinets and snooze in it. I will miss her greatly and my home feels all the more empty without her.

Patsy is a legend in the lineage of blue Abys. She is not related to Jacoby (who is, however, descended from one of her mates, Tinbats Morgan’s Passing), but she may actually be a distant relation to Angel though Patsy’s mother Saynday’s Tiny Dancer’s side of the family. Aby pedigrees are so fascinating, and it’s always sad when you see one of those names you always see in them passing away.

Farewell, Patsy.

Abys in Need: Skyler in Davis, CA and Ramses in Kirkland, WA

Two new Abys have come up on the Aby rescue groups this week.

First we have Skyler, a lovely red Aby in my hometown of Davis, CA. Skyler is being rehomed through Angel’s alma mater, Purebreds Plus:

“As you can see Skyler is a beautiful 2 year old Abyssinian girl and she’s looking for a very special “forever” home. Skyler has very definite likes and dislikes. She really likes chicken and tuna but doesn’t particularly like salmon or shrimp. But she LOVES the dehydrated chicken that comes in those zip lock bags and she can hear the bag being opened from the other room. Her human Mom says she’s spoiled, but Skyler thinks she just has good taste.

Skyler is owned by a local Abyssinian breeder and she wants to very best for Skyler. Skyler isn’t happy in a multi-cat household. Skyler’s mom promised that she could go to her own home where there were no other cats. A small dog or a big one that’s kinda sweet and goofy like a Retriever, might be OK. Skyler is spayed and vetted.

If you might be interested in sharing your home with a young red Abyssinian girl who needs to be an only cat, contact Karen at (707) 301-6425 or by email at karpahler@yahoo.com if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application.

Please note that Skyler is not in a Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue foster home but residing with her owner in the North Bay who is placing her. Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue is helping facilitate the adoption of this cat. We take no responsibility for health and medical records of this cat. It is the responsibility of the owner and adopter to discuss this. Adoption fee applies.”

Then we have Ramses, a handsome 11-year-old blue Aby with a sad story:

“Ramses originally came to MEOW as an abandoned cat, found thin and emaciated in a backyard. Turns out Ramses has Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), which interferes with digestion. This poor boy was starving to death! His disease is now well-managed with a special diet and an inexpensive oral steroid. Being able to absorb nutrients has made him not only healthier but also more active.

Ramses is a high energy, affectionate lap cat who loves people. He needs a home to run around in with a lap nearby for cuddling once he’s tired himself out. He is thrilled to be cradled like a baby, and even more thrilled if you let him give you kisses! Ramses can be dominant with other cats and would most likely do best as an only cat. He co-exists okay with most of the other cats in his foster home if they keep their distance.

Ramses is currently living in a foster home. To meet him, fill out an application (available at the MEOW website and at the shelter) and bring it to the shelter for an approval interview. After approval, we’ll put you in touch with Ramses’s foster parents. Please see MEOW’s website for adoption policies, shelter hours, and directions. DOB 10/01/2002.”

Abys are Everywhere: Oops!

I was in Koreatown on 32nd Street, NYC this weekend and after a wonderful dinner at Shilla we stopped in for dessert (bingsoo – Korean shaved ice) at a little Korean bakery called Tous Les Jours. What has this to do with Abyssinians? You might well ask…

The bakery is a hip, happening place, with a big screen on the back where they show the latest K-Pop videos. I look up, and I see G.NA‘s latest hit, Oops, and…a cat. But not just any cat, of course. A pretty blue Aby!

Apparently, the cat is actually G.NA? But it also shows a Korean cat guy loving on his kitty, which you gotta love. Maybe he’s loving on his little Aby BFF a little too much, though…If you’re interested in the lyrics, translations abound online.

Still…random Aby sightings never fail to make my day!