Aby-a-Day – 27 Juli: Izaak the brave (Singapura Saturday)

Izaak has two brave brothers and a daring neice, so he has bravery running through his veins.


And Zak is brave! The other day when we were outside, our upstairs neighbours were unpacking their car…and Zak just hopped right into Bruno’s doggy pen in the back! If ate dry food, he probably would have eaten that, too.

Aby-a-Day – 16 September: Dogs on a train (Cat Show Sunday)

Still processing everything from the show. On Sunday, neither Lorelai nor Izaak were nominated, so it was a fairly peaceful show day. We just sat and talked to people. I got to talk to Göran, my one-time nurse, and found out an interesting fact that no one bothered to mention before: Not only could I have lost my finger or hand from the infection caused by the cat bite…I could have lost my life! So, everyone reading, please remember: If you are bitten in the hand or finger by a cat and it becomes at all swollen…go to an ER immediately. Don’t waste time at a local urgent care.


Our train ride home was interesting, though. On Swedish trains, there are special pet compartments that are the only places animals are allowed. In this particular pet car, there were only nine seats…and we had two cats and four dogs! We boarded the train in Göteborg with a very well behaved rescue dog from Greece. He lived with cats and was not at all fazed by Zak and Rory. When a Border Collie got on a few stations later, though, the dog reacted. The Border Collie and his human sat in the doorway. Then in Falköping, we were joined by a Bedlington Terrier and a Chinese Crested!


Their human was delighted to see a Singapura in person and had to have a photo. She said her friend, who had a Somali, would be so jealous that she had met a Singa.


Rory in particular was fascinated by the Chinese Crested. She never puffed up, growled or hissed, and she actually got up the nerve to touch the dog’s ear with her nose!

Aby-a-Day – 12 April: The bravest Angel (Thursday Things)

Ever since we moved to Sweden, Angel has been blossoming. Always the low cat on the totem pole with Tessie and Kylie back in Boston, she was bullied and hid…a lot. She didn’t do herself any favours by, as Jackson Galaxy says, “acting like prey” when they went after her…which only made them bully her more. She is stronger than either of them; she could have easily kicked both their tails. But she never did.


Cats tend to be matriarchal, with the oldest female being the dominant cat. Moving away from Kylie and Tessie made Angel the second oldest cat in the household. Pyret was the oldest…but Angel, with her history of being bullied, she wasn’t about to challenge the queen.


And now that Pyret has left us, Angel is top cat. And she’s still getting used to that. So every time she walks through the middle of a roon, every time she plays in the sun, every time she acts like a normal, pushy Aby…it’s wonderful. Like the other day, when she owned this bed usually slept in by Pyret, or the boys. When the sun is just right, the light is wonderful.


After the camera distracts her, she goes back to grooming…


“Are you STILL taking my picture?


Something flew by outside, catching her attention mid-tongue.


She may only have one eye, but her vision is 20/.


Visions of sugarbirds dancing in her head, no doubt.


Every day she is just a little more…Abyssinian.


That IKEA cat bed is very popular. Logan and Alfred are very politely waiting their turn (although if Freddy weren’t there, Logan would go and “share” the bed with Angel).

Aby-a-Day – March 27: Heavenly Angel

It didn’t take Angel long to investigate the wall-mounted cat tree.


She may not have been the first to go to the top…


…but she was no less intrepid than those who had gone before.


She just waited for all the excitement to die down before she started her exploration.


She went straight up to the top and surveyed her territory.


The problem was that annoying little brother Jacoby had to come up, too, and see what she was doing.


And so did big sister Tessie.



This is the sort of situation Angel hates…being stuck between the two of them. She kept her eye on the pair of them, though.


Of course, Jake just wanted to play…



…and Angel doesn’t.



It’s not every cat who can take a hissing in the face in his stride, but Jake knows when to back off (usually).



“I wasn’t doing anything! Honest!”


A truce is finally reached, and everyone enjoys their own shelf in relative peace.

Aby-a-Day – March 19: Wordless Wednesday (Movers gonna move)







Aby-a-Day – January 6: The tunnel has a queen, too (Hipastamatic Monday)

Remember last week’s post, about an old bed in a new place becoming suddenly popular?





What Aby in yonder tunnel rests?



It is the red, and Angel is her name.



Arise, one-eye, and annoy the jealous boy.



Who is already mad with envious grief


That you, the girl, is far higher up than he!

Aby-a-Day – December 21: “Mellow” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Mellow.”


Now, these photos of Angel on the windowsill exploring our Christmas decorations may not seem to illustrate the concept of “mellow.”


That’s because, for most cats, things like walking on the windowsill is just “normal.”



Especially for an Abyssinian!


But for Angel, who – even after five years of living with us – is still nervous and skittish, especially in open areas, this is a display of great confidence and calmness.



So Angel had to be feeling pretty mellow to just nonchalantly wander over to the windowsill and sniff the lamp.


Although by the time she was ready to get down, you can see by her posture and the expression on her face that it’s starting to wear off. And indeed, just after I took this last photo, she jumped down, and went back to one of her “safe places.”