Aby-a-Day – 10 Januari: The second day at the Swedish CFA show (Swedish Cat Show Sunday)

The second day of that Swedish CFA show was as much fun as the first, both for us and for Jacoby.


We had a lot of judges come over from the US. At this point, I had only been in Sweden for six months, so it was fun to see some familiar faces and hear some familiar accents.


This judge, Albert Kurkowski, was one of the few non-American, non-CFA judges; he was from Poland, and he was a guest judge from the World Cat Federation.


I really enjoyed watching him handle Jake.


There was a really pretty little Burmilla girl who was frequently benched next to us during judging.


She reminded me a bit of Tessie.


This judge, Inga Balciuniene, was also a WCF guest judge from Latvia.


Pam DeLaBar is a CFA judge who lives in Finland. I actually hadn’t ever seen her at a show in the States. It’s nice having another ex-pat in the cat fancy.


And our friend Russell Webb was there, too. He was always Jake’s lucky charm.


Jake was Second Best cat in Premiership in Russell’s ring.


As we did Saturday, when Jake got a little antsy we went outside to play in the snow. This time, I didn’t bother with the harness and leash. I figured, how far is he going to get in that deep snow.


Famous last words.



He started making off towards a little house. He went pretty far really quickly, too! I was surprised how hard he was to catch.


I finally caught him, though.


The cats we have now are awesome, and a lot of fun to show…but I still miss going to shows with Jake.

Aby-a-Day – 14 January: Swedish cat food

Since I’m planning on living there for the rest of my life, while I was in Sweden I spent a good bit of time looking at the cat food that is available in my new homeland.

sverigexmas-catfoodIMG_2222 1

Which…yeah, I was looking for packaging featuring Abys, for the most part. Like this brand. I’m not 100% certain this one’s an Aby, because of all the desaturation going on…but this cat looks like an Aby to me!

sverigexmas-catfoodIMG_2255 1

This one is definitely an Aby. Kind of an embarrassingly overweight Aby…but an Aby nonetheless.


Then we have good old reliable Royal Canin, featuring a Somali on (of all things) a low-cal dry food.

Funny thing about that Royal Canin dry food…it’s also featured on the back of the January issue of Kattliv magazine! I actually started a subscription while I was there, and and as you can see, this is my first issue.

sverigexmas-catfoodIMG_2221 1

In non-Aby related food news…I thought this was interesting. They have Temptations treats in Sweden, but they’re called “Dreamies” instead.


And I also found a line of treats that features a happy Burmilla on its packaging. I bought a couple of different treats with the Burmilla on them…after all, Tessie is a Burmilla variant, since she’s smoke instead of shaded or tipped.


The “big” present I brought back for the cats, though, was Moose (even though it says “Elk” on the box) and Reindeer cat food.


I think Jacoby is considering the advantages to cat food packaged in paper boxes vs cat food packaged in metal cans…you don’t necessarily need thumbs to open a paperboard box…

Aby-a-Day – May 11: Scenes From a Cat Show

Here are a few more photos from last week’s cat show. First, here’s Russell Webb and Jacoby during the final in Russell’s ring.





I just love watching Russell describe Abyssinians.


Jake was pretty pleased with his second best ribbon.


Here is the Persian who took Best in Russell’s ring. It’s also pretty entertaining to watch Russell describe Persians.


This cat, GP Catsafrats Stardust of Joray, is a force to be reckoned with. He made nine out of the ten finals, and he was Best Cat in Premiership in six of them!


Needless to say, coming in second to the Best Premier in Show was fairly satisfying.


For this show, I tried putting make-up on Jake’s ear spots


I used a combination of brown pencil eyeliner, brown mascara and rust grooming powder.


It didn’t make the spots go away entirely, but I do think it helped.



Jake spent a good part of the show in his benching cage, greeting his fans and making new friends.



Jake really enjoys getting pets from the spectators.


I think it might be his favourite thing about cat shows.


My favourite part of cat shows is seeing the other breeds! This is Swift-Rivers DiamondLilli, a lavender and white Oriental Shorthair – a very unusual colour. What’s more, she has the greenest of green eyes.


This is Karol Walt Whitman, a Japanese Bobtail. He’s almost entirely white except for a few spots on his ears and nose and his little black tail nub.


This little Sphynx girl, Skinzin Crystal Bald of Gillies, was at the show we went to in Stamford last year, too. She was only a kitten then – she’s grown!


Whoops! There’s Chanan the photographer passing by!


Compare that little Sphynx to this Persian, Top Shelf’s Harry Winston. It’s hard to believe that these two cats are the same species, isn’t it?


I wonder what their kittens would look like?


There was a Parade of Breeds on Sunday, and Jake was the proud representative of his breed.


He was requested specifically, which was a nice honour.


This Ocicat had something to say to the audience.


There was a Spectator’s Choice award, too. Our friend Amelia and her blue Burmese Bella took third place.


The best thing, though, was seeing Burmillas recognised as a regular breed.


This little five month old boy is Kitzn’s Stevia, a black shaded Burmilla kitten.


Isn’t he adorable?


I imagine Tessie looked a lot like him when she was his age.


Here is Kitzn’s Mickey again. He has less colour on each hair than Stevia does since he’s a tipped Burmilla.



Mickey is a year and two months old. He reminded me so much of Tessie when I first met her – we got her when she was a year and eight months old.


Ultimately, I can’t really explain what it is I love so much about going to and participating in cat shows.



I’m just glad I have a cat who likes coming along to the shows with me.

Aby-a-Day – May 8: Smoke and mirrors

I haven’t gone through all the photos I took of Jacoby at last weekend’s cat show yet.


But I wanted to share a few of some other cats who were there.


Look at this Maine Coon! Look how huge she is! And yes, she is a female…look at her next to Jake. Now, Jake’s a big Aby, all 10lbs of him, and he’s very tall…but she’s just enormous!


Here she is again between two adult male Persians. She is one big girl!


Another very cool thing that happened last weekend is that Burmillas became recognised as a CFA breed. May 1 marks the beginning of the CFA show season, and this was the first show weekend that the Burmillas were allowed to show as a regular breed.


There were several Burmillas entered in all three classes (Kitten, Championship and Premiership), but the one I saw the most of was the Premiership boy. He’s a chocolate tipped named Kitzn’s Mickey.


He was a super sweet boy. As you know, Tessie is an Asian, which is a relative/variant of the Burmilla. She’s a smoke, while Burmillas are only shaded or tipped. In the UK, Burmillas are part of the Asian group, which includes Asian Smokes, Asian Selfs (the Bombay is considered an Asian Self in the UK), and Tiffanies (longhaired Burmese variants) along with the Burmillas. The tortie pattern is recognised in Burmillas.


Apart from the depth of her colour, though, she’s basically a Burmilla, albeit a Burmilla as they looked ten years ago, before their body type was refined through selective breeding.

The difference between smoke, shaded and tipped is one of degree; all of these are a colour over a white undercoat, but on a smoke each hair is 1/2 to 2/3 coloured, while on a shaded each hair is 1/3 coloured and on a tipped cat each hair is only 1/8 coloured.


I wonder if someday Smoke Burmillas will be recognised?

kylie's brother?

Finally, there was this Household Pet kitty called Snowball. Look at him! Doesn’t he look like he could be Kylie’s brother? He even has green eyes like she does.


Unfortunately, he’s only 8 years old (Kylie just turned 9), so he can’t really be her brother…but he sure does look like her!

Abys in Need: Anne in FL and Eva in BC…and 3 boys in OR

We have two red girls in need of new homes this week…

The listing says this girl is a red Somali, but she doesn’t look longhaired to me…She is, however, in a shelter, not in foster care.

“ANNE – ID#A808630
My name is ANNE.
I am a spayed female, red Somali.
The shelter staff think I am about 10 years old.
I have been at the shelter since Jul 26, 2013.”

According to the person who sent the email to the NAR: “It is unlikely she will be adopted; they say she is 10yrs old. She is in Jacksonville, FL. If I had the means to take her in I would, but I have a friend who is a vet tech who says it looks like she has dental issues. I already have one senior cat along with another cat and 3 dogs. I could not afford to take on her vet care.

But if you can…10 years old isn’t that old any more! If you are interested in Anne, contact the City of Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services Division at 630-CITY (2489).

Then we have Eva. Eva is a red girl at the Victoria Pet Adoption Society in Saanichton, BC.

Not a lot of info on Eva on the Petfinder listing, but she seems to prefer a home without other cats.

She does, however, seem to be a younger cat and pretty confident. If you’re in the Victoria area and need an Aby, contact the shelter.

Now, this last one is a little special. It’s not Abys in need…but they are family. Tessie’s littermate brother, Koala, and two other boys were just returned to their breeder (my friend Kim) by the woman who had adopted them, and they need new forever homes. This is them all back home in Oregon; they came home three days ago and are still a little disoriented and upset.

Koala is, of course, 10 years old; Buckbeak is 2-1/2 and Worf is almost 1. Koala, like Tessie, is descended from Abys, and Buckbeak and Worf are Burmillas. I wish I could take Koala! How interesting would it be to reunite a brother and sister after 8 years?

In any event, if you’re interested in a Burmilla or a Smoke Asian just like Tessie, comment or email me and I’ll connect you with Kim.