Aby-a-Day – 21 March: Apple Over Boylston (Hipstamatic Monday)

Of course I had to play with Hipstamatic while we were at the Apple Store.


I love the randomness of it.


It’s like in the old days, when I had a little Instamatic and used 126 Kodapak film.


Except, you know, you don’t have to pay for the film and the processing.


But the funny thing is, the same number of good photos come out regardless of whether you take 24 shots or 2,400.


I thought I would miss using film…but you know, I really don’t.

Aby-a-Day – May 3: More friends met

One of the best things about going to cat shows is, I have a chance to meet people in person that I know online, either through this blog or through the Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook.

jakeamyseacoastC09317 2

At the Seacoast Club Cat Show this weekend, I got to meet two of my Abyfriends in person!

The first friend I met was Ellen Fair, but I didn’t manage to get any photos of her with Jacoby. She gifted me with a copy of the 1987 Connoisseur magazine featuring Abyssinians, along with recent issues of Art+Auction and Modern Painters. If you haven’t seen the Connoisseur Abyssinian feature (with photos by William Wegman), you should try to find a copy. I’d share my copy, but I’m afraid I’d get in trouble.

jakeamyseacoastC09283 2

jakeamyseacoastC09284 2

jakeamyseacoastC09327 2

The other friend I met is Amy Tiedemann, who, you may remember, two years ago commissioned a pair of Aby plushies for her two daughters in college. She recently lost her two boys, Ricky and Rusty (the two meant to be commemorated by the plushies) and is waiting for two kittens to join her female Aby.

jakeamyseacoastC09323 2

She was thrilled to meet Jake.

jakeamyseacoastC09329 2

When asked what it was like to hold Jake, Amy said, “Jake is very handsome with sleek, shiny fur. As we currently only have a very petite female Aby that doesn’t like being held, it was wonderful to cuddle with him!!”

Of course, turnabout is fair play, so here is the photo that Amy took of me with Jake.

Richard (aka Chanan) also showed me his new camera, a Sony SLT that works with other makers’ lenses. It makes my camera seem like a dinosaur! But it was so wonderful to have someone I consider an idol to stop to have a conversation like that with me.

Aby-a-Day – January 31: “Cube” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Cube.”

I got in on the Petcube Kickstarter back in September 2013, and it arrived just before the holidays. The original delivery date was supposed to have been May, but I liked getting it as a Christmas gift.

It’s a pretty nifty little toy. I can see the cats from anywhere, and I can talk to them and play the red dot game with them using a built-in laser pointer.

Jake may be too smart for it, though…he’s more interested in looking for me inside the Petcube than he is in playing with the laser.

I also tried it in the art room. You can see me in this shot, testing it out. This was the cube on the windowsill.

I moved it to the bookshelf, since that gave a better view of the room.

You can also capture any naughtiness happening while you’re away. Jake, stop biting my laptop cable!

Okay, now you’re too close! (You can see the laser pointer dot on his neck, though.)

This is one afternoon at work. Jake’s napping on the big cat bed.

Or was he just waiting for me to talk to him through the cube again?

Tessie is the only one who isn’t intrigued by the Petcube. I managed to capture Angel on it. She looked at the laser for about two seconds, and then jumped up to sit on the nce warm cable box, just out of camera range.

Kylie also thinks it’s very interesting.

Especially the laser pointer!

Aby-a-Day – May 31: Angel up a tree

So here’s the thing: I have a ton of photos that I took between July 4th and the very beginning of November…2010.


This is from when I first got my Nikon S8000.


For some reason, I never went through this pile of pictures.


Obviously, I’ve been going through photos since early November, 2010; if I hadn’t been, there really wouldn’t be any photographic bones to muscle with my blog entries.


There are some pretty awesome photos in that batch.


Some of these photos, I don’t think I’ve even seen since I took them.


It’s kind of like how it was back in the old film days.


Sometimes, back in the old film days, you’d find a roll of exposed film in some old bag you haven’t used for years.


You’d look at it, when you found it, and think: Wow…when is this thing FROM?


And you’d take it or send it to wherever it is you took film to be developed and printed back in those days.


And when you got the photos back, it was amazing.


Well, this is going to be kind of like that. Hopefully. Anyway…I have a huge amount of photos from July – November, 2010. I’m starting out with these shots of Angel playing with an Alpaca fur cat toy. Two years ago. Think of it like a kind of Flashback Friday…only without the Friday.

Aby-a-Day – May 27: Every step along the way

One very cool feature of my new camera is its “rapid fire” feature. It can take something like 12 shots in a second.
I tested it out on Jacoby, ever my willing subject:
















I have dreams of making a flip book with a set of these sorts of photos. I tried it out yesterday with judges looking at cats in the rings, and also on a white ibis I saw in a parking lot. I haven’t had a chance to look at those photos, but I’ll bet I got at least a couple of keepers!