Cat-Friend and Dog-Friend

Have you seen this yet?

Of course, Abyssinians are a lot more like Dog-Friend than Cat-Friend…well, except for maybe the milk. And the cereal – definitely not the cereal! And the puke.

Okay, the first part of the puke. But the second part…yeah, they’re like Dog-Friend again, aren’t they?

These guys are actually from Billerica, a town just north of Boston! I wonder if they heard about Strollercat?

Gun-Hee and the Leopard Son

Because it’s Columbus Day (aka Canadian Thanksgiving), I got out of work early. I turned on the TV, and The Leopard Son was just starting, so I’m watching it.

And so is Gun-Hee.

He is utterly fascinated. Mostly, he’s just sitting on the sofa next to me, transfixed…

But once or twice he’s gotten up to try to interact with the leopards.

Someone else is doing it!

In this month’s Boston Magazine, the Fashion Masochist takes her kitty out on the town in Boston!

How come that article isn’t about Gun-Hee!?