Singas are Super! Catster sings the Singapura’s praises

Last week, Catster Magazine published “11 Reasons to Sing the Singapura’s Praises” and it’s really a nice little list. Check it out!

Cat of the Day!

I got an email this morning from Catster:

Congratulations, Jacoby Cat of the Day and will be featured on Catster’s Community Home Page all day! We have also credited your account with 25 Zealies to help you celebrate Jacoby’s day in the spotlight! I know I know, we’re purring like mad over here too! Thanks so much for running with the Catster pack. Much Meow, Catster

And, sure enough:


There he is! It’s kind of amazing. I feel so proud!

Other People’s Abys – Meet Cousin Roger

Yesterday, Jacoby got a Catster friend invite from another Instincts Aby named Roger.

Roger and his person wrote: “Hi, Toki’s mom said Jacoby’s dad is from Instincts. My Roger is from a 2008 Instincts litter. I haven’t tried a harness with him yet and I’m inspired by your photos! Best, Sarah”

Roger is about 6 months older than Jacoby…and isn’t he smart? Not only that, but he seems to also be a Hipstamaticat:

I wonder how closely he and Jake are related?

I missed my calling, Toki Poki trading cards, and “of course it’s an Aby”…

Lots of fun in my email lately!

Jacoby’s breeder, Sherry, sent me a link to this video with the subject line “There’s an Aby in this video.” And, oh, is there ever!

It’s a testimonial for Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Flakes (which, by the way, are awesome), and it starts out a bit slow, but wait until Pheobe appears around 0:51; you’ll see why she wanted me to see this!

Then, this morning, I got an email from Catster telling me that I could have gotten my Masters degree in LOLcats. Oh, had I only known. I guess I truly missed my calling.

But it wasn’t so much the article that caught my attention as it was the way the email presented it:


Why, look! A blue Aby wearing a mortarboard!

Then I got an update from Moderncat about Toki Poki trading cards. Of course, the name Toki caught my eye immediately. I plan on making some trading cards for all the kitties (I think Kylie would be particularly adorable on the Pretty in Pink cards) as soon as I can decide which photos to use. There aren’t any Abyssinian members, yet…

I have also been horribly remiss in not posting about these Abyssinian Knob Nots available through Etsy or on KnobNots’ website.


You may notice that the standing-up-and-knocking-all-the-letters-down Aby looks just a tiny bit familiar. Well…that’s because he is; Jake was the model! Who better to be the poster cat for mischief?


And, finally, remember when I posted in May about Animal Planet’s Too Cute Kittens show featuring the Aby kitten Tiny Dancer? Well good news: the DVD will be released on October 4 and is available for pre-order now! I know my husband will be happy that we can finally delete it off of our DVR box.

A lot of Aby news for a Wordless Wednesday, eh?

Aby-a-Day – May 7: To bleed black and gold

There’s actually a pretty lively discussion about cats wearing clothes on Catster. Currently, 43.48% of the people responding to the poll seem to believe that clothing on cats is “so wrong.”


Obviously, these people have never met Jacoby.


Last night there was a pivotal game in the Bruins-Flyers Stanley Cup playoff series, so Jake, like any red-blooded Boston guy, put on his black and gold and settled on the sofa to watch the big game.


(Notice the happy, kneading, grabby hands…m w m w m w m…)


(I love the little shoulder emblems!)

He wore the jersey for the entire game and, as far as we could tell, he was perfectly content. He even jumped up on the counter to “help” me when I went to get a glass of milk. One commenter on the Catster poll wrote, “Have you ever noticed how miserable the cats look in the pictures where they are dressed up? Don’t the people who love them notice how miserable they look?”


Yeah…no. No, I can honestly say that I’ve never noticed that with Jake.

Angel’s Long Lost Twin Brother?

I was randomly browsing the purebred Abyssinians on Catster the other day to see how many cats I needed to click through to get to either Jacoby or Angel (I only needed to click through 7 Abys to get to Angel’s profile, which was kind of cool), and I came across Jackson aka One-Eyed Jack, a red Abyssinian in Milpitas, CA.

Needless to say, I was stunned by his similarity to Angel – they’ve even lost the same eye! She’s also from the Bay Area, though I’m not sure where (she was fostered in Pleasanton), and what I know of her story is also very much like Jack’s:

“A friend of mom’s had an aunt who was a breeder. Her colony was getting too large and was overrun with herpes. Jack and Ray share a father, and they both received ocular herpes from their mothers.”

I wonder if they’re related? It’s entirely possible.

Also, check out this photo of Travertine, a 15 year old red boy in Altadena, CA, and his Thanksgiving turkey…well, it’s almost his, anyway. If that isn’t a classic Aby photo, I don’t know what is! After all, as I once said, I totally believe that, of all cat breeds, it would be an Abyssinian who got stuck inside a turkey.