Aby-a-Day – 22 April: Where the boys are (Hipstamatic Monday)

I needed to fix a couple of things on my bicycle, so I let Lorelai and Izaak come outside with me whilst I was working.


In Sweden, however much it may seem like New England, we haven’t really got a spring. We go from winter to full-blown summer. And so it is this year. We went from freezing cold to OMG where are my shorts and sandals!? Björn says that Sweden is in the BiPolar Zone.


The kids who live in our apartment complex love our cats and love to play with them.


Usually, it’s the girls who go nuts over the kittens running around outside.


But today, it was the boys. One of them told me his friend had a cat with kittens, and he got to hold them when they were one week old. Later, he told me he was going to get one of those kittens.


We had told them that Zak will fetch his mousies and bring them back, so they wanted to see that. Of course, outside, Zak had zero interest in playing with IKEA toys.



The boys didn’t listen to us, and tried Zak’s favourite toy on Rory. It was, I think, disappointment.


But watching them play and interact with the kittens was adorable.


The boys went between romping with Rory and Zak like they would with puppies (and which Rory and Zak were totallly down with)…


…to the sweetest one-on-one play you have ever seen.





It really warmed my heart, watching boys running around playing with cats.


I hope we are fostering our next generation of cat daddies.

Aby-a-Day – 31 Januari: More from Örebro (Thursday Things)

Saturday was not a great day for Lorelai and Izaak; apart from Zak earning his Champion title, neither he nor Rory were even up for a Nomination.


But Sunday, both of their judges loved them. Here is Polish judge Robert Nowak admiring Rory.


There were five females up at the Nominations. It was a very close competition.


At the end, the judge chose a lovely Siamese to go to the panel.


This is a shot from Saturday. Rory is Number 664. Number 663 is GIC DK*Saltvig’s Oona. We have been a little concerned that Rory small for her age (she’s smaller than Zak!), but Oona is over two years older than Rory and they are the same size! Oona was chosen over Rory on Saturday, but Rory was the judge’s pick on Sunday.


Zak’s judge on Sunday was Gerardo Fraga y Guzmán, from Spain. He loved Zak, but he was especially enamoured with his coat texture.


He even called the judge next to him over to feel Zak’s coat. That’s a particular compliment to the owner as well as the breeder, because the cat’s condition is a reflection of diet and grooming as much as it is genetics and breeding. It’s nice to know you’re doing a good job!


The Nomination in Zak’s category was also stiff. There were two British Shorthairs (one disqualified himself by almost biting his owner), a stunning white Kurilean Bobtail, and Zak.


The judge had a cat teaser made with a bobcat’s tail that a Danish merchant sells at shows. We have one at home, too, and I have to hide it from the cats when we aren’t using it. Zak really wanted that tail! He actually jumped out of my arms in an attempt to catch it.


But in the end, the judge felt that, while both cats were excellent, the Kurilean matched the standard for his breed just a bit better than Zak matched the Singa standard. But it was close…and the Kurilean ended up winning Best in Show for male cats in Category 3! So…losing to a cat who ended up being BIS? Yeah, that’s not bad at all.


On the way back to our benching cage, we met a little girl who was meowing at all the cats.


I thought she might like to pet one, so I knelt down so she could pet Zak. I know that if an exhibitor had done that to me when I was kid at a show, I would have been over the moon, so I hope we made that little girl’s day.

Aby-a-Day – 16 February: Downtown stroller town…Gonna shut your stroller down (Friday Flashback)

Two years ago this month, Boston had an unseasonably marvelous Sunday afternoon. I needed to go to the Apple Store on Boylston, and I decided to walk there with Jacoby. Apple Stores, as a whole, are known to be pet-friendly, and the Boston flagship store is no exception.


We were walking home after having my MacBook Pro checked by the lovely Geniuses, just enjoying the still-warm February evening and enjoying Boston, when…


…We met a boy.


A boy in a stroller. It was adorable. Jake was checking out the kid’s stroller, and the kid was checking out Jake’s. It was like when two vintage car owners see each other on the street, comparing chrome and fin height.


It took him a little while to screw up the courage, but finally the boy reached out and petted Jake. I couldn’t tell with the pacifier in his mouth, but I think he was smiling.


After we parted ways, Jake went back to looking at the fancy windows at Lord and Taylor. He always liked looking at those windows.

Aby-a-Day – 31 March: Stroller Derby

This was an awesome little thing that happened when Jacoby and I were walking home from the Apple Store last month.


We were walking down Boylston Street and saw a little boy in a stroller out with his mother and aunt.


The boy saw Jake in his stroller and started to wave at him!


His mom and aunt thought it was so cute that the boy recognised that the kitty was in a stroller just like he was.


I asked if he wanted to pet Jake, and they thought he might, so I pushed his stroller closer to the boy’s stroller.


He was a very nice, gentle boy, and of course Jake was so patient.


If anything, I think Jake wanted the boy to pet him harder. He was giving Jake those soft, tentative pats and Jake wanted some nice, heavy petting.


I love watching Jake interact with children, though. He has so little experience with them, but he’s always just so good!

Aby-a-Day – August 15: “Kid” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Kid.”


Kids really love seeing Jacoby in his stroller…especially if they are also riding in their own stroller.


Last month at ArtBeat, we had a little stroller party right in the middle of the street.


It was actually pretty funny. And, I’m sure, really cute.


This one little girl really loved Jake. She was actually really good at petting him, too.

Aby-a-Day – November 6: Babysitting

Back when we were just moving into our new apartment, our contractor had to come over a couple of evenings to finish painting and other detail work.


When he did, he brought his two children. While my husband helped the contractor…


…Jacoby helped watch the kids.


Jake’s a very good babysitter.


I think he enjoyed it as much as the little girl did.


She and Jake played with just about every wand toy we have.


I wonder how long after her visit that little girl asked her parents for a kitty of her own, though?

Aby-a-Day – September 15: Jacoby gets all the girls (Hipstamatic Monday)

The best thing about taking Jacoby to the SoWa Open Market on Sundays is watching him with children.


Like this little girl.


She absolutely loved Jake.



She was thrilled that there was a kitty at the market.



When her mother finally told her they had to go, she gave Jake a sweet goodbye hug. I think it made everyone’s day.