Aby-a-Day – 4 Maj 2020: Mani-Pedis are supposed to be relaxing! (Medical Monday)

Okay…maybe claw clipping isn’t exactly “medical,” but it does contribute to a cat’s health and wellbeing.


Our lot don’t exactly enjoy getting their biweekly claw trim, but they usually handle it well. After all, they have been getting their claws clipped every other week for as long as they’ve lived with me. Alfred, however…


…is not a fan of getting his mani-pedi. Usually, he sits quietly and self-soothes with purring, but yesterday he decided to squirm and pull faces.


It may have been the audience. Björn came in the bathroom to talk to me and captured Freddy in action.


In case you’re wondering, I always sit on the edge of the tub facing in when I clip claws…that way, the end bits just go down the drain when I’m done.

Aby-a-Day – 30 January: “Quick” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Quick.”


Anyone who has ever clipped a cat’s claws knows all about not cutting into the quick!


I’m pretty good at clipping claws, but one wrong move – on my part or on the cat’s – and you can cut one claw too short and the blood will flow.

angellquickIMG_2650 1

And claws can bleed a lot.

angellquickIMG_2652 1

It can happen to the best of us. And I swear – I did NOT cut Angel’s claw too short just to take a photo, either…however, you may recall I once cut one of Angel’s claws too short and had to bandage her foot for a few hours.

angellquickIMG_2656 1

If you do have a mishap and accidentally cut a claw too short, I found the best styptic gel at CVS of all places – Super Clot!

angellquickIMG_2658 1

It not only stops bleeding, but it has a disinfectant and lidocaine to relieve pain. Incredibly handy and the best product I’ve found yet.

Aby-a-Day – October 10: “Auburn” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Auburn.”


Angel is a red/sorrel Abyssinian. I suppose you could call that “Auburn.”


She needed to visit our friends at South Boston Animal Hospital a couple of weeks ago as she had a little bit of a UTI, too. We think it was brought on by the stress of her recent dental work.

It should be noted that Angel does not like anything done to her mouth. That includes giving her pills. Usually, she’ll eat a pill pocket. But not always – which is weird because she LOVES treats. And then you have to give her the medication the usual way. And this is what happens. Bear in mind…I had just clipped her claws two days before. This is why I never really tried to brush her teeth…


Even though she’s impossible to pill…everyone loves Angel!

Aby-a-Day – March 4: “Nailed It” (Cartoon Tuesday)

For the record, I have not had to towel a cat to clip their claws since my crazy black-and-white cat Pezza that I had in high school. He was a former stray and he was not what you’d call a people cat. It took me and my dad and a pair of gloves and a towel to clip his claws, and the vet was on high alert when he needed treatment.


That being said, when I clip claws in our house, Kylie and Tessie yowl, squirm, and try to bite me while Jake and Angel – yes, Angel – sit quietly while I clip and even seem to enjoy it.

(Click cartoon to embiggen, or you can view all cartoons in Slideshow mode on Flickr.)

Aby-a-Day – September 9: The importance of being prepared (Serious Sunday)

Every other weekend is claw clipping weekend. I’ve been clipping cats’ claws for about 35 years now, and I like to think I’m fairly good at it.


Still, I keep the stypic powder handy, just in case. Because no matter what kind of shaolin master I am with the clippers, all it takes is one little squirm and…the quick can be cut by mistake. And the quick can bleed a lot. It’s actually pretty incredible how much blood can come from one miscut kitty claw.


Today, it was Angel. It was one of the last claws I clipped, and she must have been getting a little antsy, because I got one toe just a little too short. A lot of times, the claw doesn’t start to bleed right away, and this was one of this times. About 10 minutes after I’d finished and let her go, I noticed a large blood spot on the bed where she was sleeping, and little bloody pawprints on the floor around the bed and on the windowsill.


After Jacoby’s accident, I built a feline first-aid kit with bandages and cat-safe wound cleaners and anti-bacterials. I also have the most common first-aid items in a special drawer in the bathroom where I can get to them quickly.


So I quickly cleaned Angel’s foot, put on some stypic powder, Bactine and Bacitracin, covered it with a cotton gauze pad and bandaged it with self-sticking, no-chew bandages.


She was not crazy about this treatment.


But she kept it on. Whatever they put into or onto that no-chew bandage, it really works.


Finally, she gave up on it and let it alone. It’s still on her foot now, as I type this; it can probably come off, now, but I reckon the longer it stays on, the better, especially in the litter box.


Granted, one claw clipped too short isn’t a dire emergency, but it hurts, and it bleeds a lot, and if it doesn’t stop bleeding right away, it needs to be taken care of. I was very glad I had the cat medical kit today, and I think Angel was, too.


Do you have a first-aid kit at the ready for your cats?