Aby-a-Day – 9 January: “Waltz” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Waltz.”

I just don’t even know what to do with that. So here’s a photo of Jacoby’s 19 day old nephew (his brother Dillin’s son) with his mother Georgie that Sherry posted on the Pellburn Abys Facebook page. Because…to get kittens, it takes two to tango? I have no idea.

Abys are Everywhere: “See this trophy? I won it. It’s mine”

Abyfriend Emilie shared this awesome photo with me that was posted on I Can Has Cheezburger via

I can’t read all of the trophy, but I can see that it was awarded by the Canadian Cat Association to the Best Abyssinian. Now, when I did a Google search, I found Jacoby’s brother Dillin showing as the best Abyssinian for the 2014-15 season! Holy cow! I had no idea. Now, I don’t think that the Aby in this photo is Dillin (mainly because the Reddit user says it’s their aunt’s Aby)…but does anyone know who it is?

Jake’s littermate brother Dillin on the news!

Check this out!

Jacoby’s littermate brother, GC Pellburn Johnny Dillinger, was featured on the Halifax 6 o’clock news last Sunday. It was actually a story on the Fundy Fanciers CCA show, and it also features Nofuratu the Nakedcat, a Sphynx friend of ours.

It’s always so much fun to see pictures of Dillin…after all, he is Jake’s closest relative. I wonder if they would remember each other if we could reunite them?

My heart has joined The Thousand…

Sad news this morning…Jacoby’s niece, Pellburn Cassia Alexdandrina joined StarClan yesterday. It was FIP, the same as her uncles Gun-Hee and Rusty. Cassia was Jake’s littermate-brother Dillin’s daughter.

I hope Sherry is doing okay in this time of sadness.

Aby-a-Day – April 12: Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow (Friday Flashback)

Four years ago Sunday, a little force of nature was born.


(I wonder which one he is?)


He was a handful right from the start!


He had a brother and sister and, apparently, an innate understanding of how to pose for a camera.


Sometimes I wonder if he misses his littermates.


They were really close.


Jake was always precocious.


He was the first of his litter to discover catnip!


He was always going to be my kitten. Sherry (who took all of the above photos and sent them to me before Jake came to live with us) must have told him so every day.


Because as soon as he met me, he decided I was his human, too.

Jacoby’s Nephew the Superstar

Hinka Chapman posted some awesome news on Facebook the other day…

( Photo copyright Dick de Gier Photography)

Eszencia Dylan has achieved the title of Supreme Master Grand Premiere, the highest scoring achievement in the Canadian Cat Association!

Dylan is Jacoby’s littermate-brother Dillin (Pellburn Johnny Dillinger)’s son, and Jacoby’s nephew. It seems like all the boycats in their family are all destined for greatness.

Congratulation, Dylan!

Fashion Friday Bonus: Jacoby’s brother Dillin as HIS namesake!

One of Jacoby’s Halloween costumes was a Red Sox uniform, in honour of his namesake, Red Sox centerfielder Jacoby Ellsbury.


Well, he wasn’t the only one to dress as the human he was named after! Jake’s brother Dillin (Pellburn Johnny Dillinger) dressed as himself, too, complete with tommy gun and moll (his human, Sherry).

Dillin and Sherry as Dillinger and GF - Color (1)

Sherry writes: I brought Dillin to CCA’s Halloween Cat Show in Halifax this past weekend. Although Dillin made every final, he didn’t get in the top 3 for the day, but his son Dylan did in the Premiership class!

Here’s a picture of Dillin as John Dillinger and me as his girlfriend (although I didn’t have the long gloves on or boa at the time for this picture) and complete with machine gun and getaway car 🙂

Dillin with Judge Roger Boisselle (1)

She adds: There’s also a nice picture of Dillin with judge Roger Boisselle who was wearing a very cool costume.

Doesn’t he look spectacular? I see he poses on the judge’s table just like his brother does! He and Jake are littermates as well as brothers; their litter was Jake, Dillin and their sister Scarlett. They also have an older brother (same parents, different litter), Buddy Guy, who we saw dressed as Buddy Guy last Halloween.


Can you see the family resemblance?

Oh, and speaking of fashion…I made some #Strollercat T-shirts on Zazzle if anyone’s interested…