Aby-a-Day – 25 April: Kenmore Square (Miniature Monday)

Björn and I went to a Red Sox game while he was here last week. We brought mini-Jacoby with us, but…I completely forgot to take photos of him during the game.


So…here is mini-Jake in front of the world-famous Cask & Flagon bar…


…in the shadow of the infamous Citgo sign.

Aby-a-Day – 11 April: Fie! (Miniature Monday)

I’ve lived in Boston for 16 years this coming May, but I only just yesterday finally went to the Boston Tea Party Museum. It’s really a lot of fun! I didn’t do the tour this time; my friends Ailsa and Stephanie were in town, and we just did the gift shop and the tea room.



You can see the building I live in from the museum, which is located in the middle of the Congress Street Bridge. I could see the Tea Party Museum from my building, too, if it were larger!

teapartyshopIMG_3791 1

The gift shop is pretty elaborate, and they actually sell really good quality items along with the usual tourist stuff.

teapartyshopIMG_3790 1

They sell the types of tea that were tossed off the boat 16 December 1773.



Mini-Jacoby was interested in checking out the replica ship.

minijaketeapartyIMG_3794 1

minijaketeapartyIMG_3793 1

“Man the boats! The Wrecking Ball is aboard!”


They also had these little colonial mice which he found quite interesting.

tepartygameIMG_3797 1

After the gift shop, we visited the Tea Room, where you can get scones and other baked goods, sandwiches and soups, hot apple cider (with or without rum)…and, of course, tea.

tepartygameIMG_3796 1

On the tables, there are period board games like Shut the Box and Nine Man Morris.


At our table, we had a Nine Man Morris board with the flag of New England embazoned on it. Mini-Jake wanted to play…but he couldn’t quite move the pieces. I didn’t do the actual tour this visit…I am saving it for next week, when we plan to do not only the tour, but also the Tavern Night dinner.

Aby-a-Day – 28 March: Zootopia (Miniature Monday)

I saw Zootopia a little while ago, and I LOVE it. I really can’t wait to see it again in the theatre. Yeah, it’s that good.


I mean, how often do you see a movie that addresses racial issues, stereotypes, discrimination with witty but insightful commentary and has cute talking animals? Not to mention a few awesome inside jokes.


The main protagonists, Judy Hopps the rabbit and Nick Wilde the fox are among some of the best fictional characters I’ve ever come across.


I think Mini Jacoby has a little man-crush going on with Nick, actually.

Aby-a-Day – December 21: Taking the train through Stockholm (Miniature Monday

After our stay in Stockholm, Björn, Kalle and I took the train home to Skövde.


I know Jacoby would have loved the trip. He does love train rides.


So, since I couldn’t bring the real Jake with me (this time), I did the next best thing.


I brought Mini-Jake!


It wasn’t quite the same…


Actually, I hear that the real Jake is showing signs of missing me…in between causing all kinds of mayhem like picking fights with the girls and licking toast left in the toaster long enough for him to find it.


It’ll be interesting to see what he does when he gets here. I’ve already warned Björn about his floor rugs (aka “Aby tunnels” and “Aby sleds”) and plastic bags (aka “Jake – don’t eat that! Plastic bags are not food!)…and then there’s 16-year-old Pyret. I expect fun times ahead.


Stockholm was a lot of fun…but now we’re home in Skövde.

Aby-a-Day – December 14: Getting Ready (Miniature Monday)

Mini-Jake loves to help me get ready in the morning!


He comes into the bathroom with me and helps me put on my make up.


The nicest thing about his help is…he doesn’t actually get in my way and knock things over the way the real Jacoby does!

Aby-a-Day – December 7: My little workmate (Miniature Monday)

It’s kind of nice to have a little friend in the office.


Mini-Jake helps me type…


And pick out music to listen to while I work.


I have a lot of toys on my desk…

Aby-a-Day – September 21: Angel and Mini-Jake (Miniature Monday)

We all know Angel isn’t Jacoby’s biggest fan. All he wants to do is play with her, and all she does is hiss at him. But what about a mini-Jake?




..Pretty much the same, but without the hissing. Angel sure knows how to cast some shade, though, doesn’t she?

Aby-a-Day – September 14: Mini toes (Miniature Monday)

The Saturday Photohunt post a couple of weeks ago about “Toes” made me think about how amazingly detailed the toes are on the two Jacoby ball-jointed dolls.


These are the toes on the larger, cold porcelain Jake made my Ana VonBorowsky.


And these are the tiny toes of the Russian Jake made by Elleo.

Aby-a-Day – September 6: The Princess and the Apple

As I said on Thursday, I wasn’t completely happy with the cushion I’d made for the iMac cat bed.


So, I went back to the drawing board. I bought a square of upholstery foam and cut it to fit the iMac.


I had to carve out a little dent to accommodate the irregularities of the inside of the iMac.


The pattern I created was the same as I’d used before, but with a strip in between the top and bottom, making the cushion more angular and more three-dimensional.


Here it is in the iMac…not a bad fit at all!


Using the same pattern, I made a miniature version for the mini iMac.


The pattern on the fabric doesn’t scale down, but apart from that, it’s a perfect replica.


It’s also a perfect fit!


Just right for mini-Abys!


So, I am pleased to present the finished iMac cat bed and cushion, complete with Abyssinian…and its miniature counterpart.


Aby tested and Angel approved!

Aby-a-Day – August 31: Think different (Miniature Monday)

While searching the internet for parts to restore the iMac cat bed to mint condition (sans innards), I discovered the most wonderful thing: a miniature iMac!


Well, of course I had to get one. Turns out, it was pretty easy to modify, too. The screen came right out with a minimum of hassle – much easier than the real one!


It also just so happens to be the perfect size for the Elleo Jacoby ball jointed doll.


I even made a little cushion for it…just like the big one!

Aby-a-Day – August 24: Giants in the land of miniatures (Miniature Monday)

Thanks, tangentially, to the very missed Catsparella, I’ve fallen in love with Tony Moly beauty products.


A lot of their products are packaged in cute little fruit-shaped packages. I thought it would be fun to pose the Russian ball-jointed Jacoby doll with some of my favourites. Here he is with my Apple Hand Cream and my Peach Lip Balm.


Here’s the Jake doll on my Tangerine Hand Cream. Cats may hate citrus, but…well, this is an exception.

Aby-a-Day – July 27: Face-off (Miniature Monday)

Here’s the slightly creepy side of ball-jointed dolls:


Their faces come off! They’re actually held on by super-strong magnets.


This is done so that, if you want to, you can change your doll’s facial expressions, or have open- and closed-mouth variations. So while it may look a little…weird…it’s actually pretty cool!

Aby-a-Day – May 11: World’s smallest show cat (Miniature Monday)

Of course I had to take some photos of the Jacoby mini-me while I was at the Seacoast show.

minijakeBJDseacoast2015C09141 2

We visited the Arubacat booth, where he tested out their excellent cat trees.

minijakeBJDseacoast2015C09138 2

He also tried out a scratching post.


Then, even though he wasn’t entered, he stood on the judge’s table!


(And look who’s in the background!)

Also, remember the other custom ball-jointed doll I was having made by Ana VonBorowsky? Well, he is finished, and she is shipping him to me today! I absolutely cannot wait to see him in person. Of course, he’ll be featured in this blog when he gets to Boston, but if you want to see a few photos of him – and his wardrobe – before then, check out Ana’s gallery on DeviantArt!