Aby-a-Day – August 11: Jacoby and the Green Monster

This is another photo from Jacoby’s and my day at Fanuiel Hall a couple of weeks ago.


Some French-speaking tourists wanted to take a photo with Jake and their newly-stuffed Build-a-Bear Wally the Green Monster.


Jake was, how do you say? Pas impressionné.

Aby-a-Day – August 10: Big boys pick out their own clothes (Fashion Friday)

While we were at Faneuil Hall, I took Jacoby to the Build-a-Bear shop there. He has some clothes from there, but I hadn’t managed to actually take him into that store before.


He was such a good boy!


Definitely the best behaved and quietest 3-year-old in a stroller that shopped there that day.


We picked out a very cute Red Sox T-shirt for Jake to wear. I am endlessly amused that Build-a-Bear clothes fit well on cats.


This shirt even fit nicely over Jake’s harness.


Doesn’t he look proud of himself in his new T?

Aby-a-Day – August 2: Oh, my, where has the time gone?

Oh my stars and whiskers…I am so sorry not being on my computer as often as usual! I actually think I need to take a short vacation from posting. Not sure how long I need, but don’t worry, you’ll still get your promised “Daily Abyssinian” for each day…it’ll just take me a few days. A lot of things are happening all at once this month! Big things. I thought I had post pre-scheduled. I promise to tell you everything just as soon as I’m not afraid of jinxing it. And I have some concrete things to tell you. Although I might be able to send you hints if you follow my Twitter!


I promise I’ll be over this ASAP, so in the meantime here’s Jacoby at Fanaeui hall wth a British redcoat!

Aby-a-Day – July 31: It’s fun to be a tourist in the city (Cartoon Tuesday)

This is. as you might guess, inspired by our trip to Faneuil Hall this past Saturday. Although we didn’t actually buy Jacoby a hat (he already has one), a balloon hat (yeah, because balloons and cats are such a good idea), New England clam chowder or Boston baked beans (we actually had Mexican food for lunch), a plush lobster toy (I have one in storage…maybe) or a tacky souvenir totebag or a foam Fenway finger (well, we DO live here), we did go to Build-a-Bear and pick up a grey Red Sox T-shirt with red sleeves…


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