Abys in Need: Leo and Ruby in Oakland, NJ and a STRAY Aby in Orlando, FL

This is apparently a brother and sister, bonded pair. They are neutered/spayed and declawed.

Leo is a fawn colored, purebred Abyssinian. He is extremely affectionate and seeks lots of attention from his family. He is very bonded to his,Ruby, and they should be adopted together.”

Ruby is a red colored, purebred Abyssinian. She is an independent, sweet and quiet girl. She is very bonded to her brother Leo, so we would like them to get adopted together.”

All it says about them beyond that is to please contact Carol at 1-914-589-4575 for more information.

Now, THIS I have no words…It just turned up on the RescueMe website this afternoon. “Beautiful, young Abyssinian who has been hanging around my house. Very timid, but each day gets more comfortable. Not certain sex. One eye appears to be cloudy- blind in eye?. Have three rescued indoor cats and can’t take this beautiful, sleek creature. Please consider.” The photo really does look like a purebred Ruddy, too. I do know in Florida when elders go to nursing homes or die, their grown children frequently just turn their beloved cats out to fend for themselves because “that’s what cats do.” It’s terrible. I hope someone can help this poor Aby. For more info, contact Nan Farrell at (716) 708-5929.

Aby-a-Day – January 20: “Stupid American Cat…” (Cartoon Tuesday)

Look at Sketsi’s face! Every time I look at Jacoby enjoying the toys, treats, clothes and cat bed from Sanna-Leena and her kitties in Helsinki, I can’t help but think of Sketsi enjoying his things that we’ve sent from Boston!


I guess next time I’ll have to send him some boots?

Sketsi is actually fairly closely related to Gun-Hee (on Gun-Hee’s mother Amber’s side); one of Sketsi’s great-great grandfathers, Marica’s Mister Macon, was Gun-Hee’s grandfather! Jake and Sketsi are related, too…but more distantly. I don’t think Sketsi cares that Jake’s his cousin here, though…

Just for fun…this is the photo that inspired this cartoon, with a little added commentary.

And here’s the sketch I did of Jake to go with with it.

(Click cartoon to embiggen, or you can view all cartoons in Slideshow mode on Flickr.)

Abys in Need – Two Abys in Austral, NSW, Australia

These photos are just heartbreaking. The shelter is calling them “Abyssinian Crosses” but they look like purebred Abys to me.

Look at these poor ears! The cats in this shelter don’t seem to have names, only numbers, so this first one is #14840a, and it doesn’t say if he’s a male or female. It only says that he’s “Brown, has injury to eye which is being treated, underweight, shy but friendly in need of some TLC.”

This boy is #14840b, and he looks to be a fawn Aby, though he could be a sorrel or red silver Aby, too, since this is Australia. His ears are less tattered, and the shelter says he is “Fawn, underweight, shy but friendly in need of some TLC.” Both Abys were found in Narellan and were just listed today.

If you’re in New South Wales and want to rescue these two, please contact the Renbury Farm Animal Shelter, 402 Bringelly Road, Austral, NSW (near Liverpool)
Tel – 9606 6118
Email – info@renbury.com.au
Web – www.renbury.com.au

Poor kitties! As scary the idea of an Aby loose in the wilds of North America is, with cougars, coyotes and fishers…the idea of an Aby battling Aussie wildlife is so much more frightening!

Abys in Need: Ginger in Scarsdale, NY

Ginger is an 11 year old fawn spay.

“My sister passed and the little cat needs a home. Ginger is happy, healthy, and gentle. She needs a home. I am allergic to cats. Ginger is a playful cat and was my sister’s princess.

Ginger has had all shots and my sister cared for her very well. Can you help?

If you can help Ginger, please contact Ann Gauss at heartblossom@earthlink.net.

Abys in Need: Jezebel in Wyandotte, MI

Here’s something you don’t see every day: a Fawn Aby in a shelter!

“Jezebel is one of the sweetest cats at the shelter. Turned in as a stray with a mild injury, she is almost completely healed and was an absolute angel even when not feeling well. she loves to cuddle and seems good with other animals as well.

The cats/kittens that are posted are available, unless it is stated ‘adopted.’ If one is ‘pending’ you still may submit an application in case the adoption does not go through. The Wyandotte Animal Adoption Center Committee reviews this application before releasing any animal to a new home. If interested in Jezebel, please copy and paste the application on this listing, and email to wacvolunteers@gmail.com.

Gotta give props to the shelter for the awesome adoption photos. But I do have to wonder…a Fawn Aby…turned in as a stray? How does that happen? Didn’t her family want her back?

Aby-a-Day – December 5: Somalis on the go at Westchester

At the Westchester show, it was my pleasure to be benched next to Joe and Marvie and their Aby QGC, RW Odakota Fearghus of Majorus (Gus, for short) and their fawn Somali Majorus Conneach (Max, I think he was called for short).


Max is only just a year old (born 28 October 2012*) and he’s still in the Novice class, but he has a very mature personality.


In fact, Joe says he may have a future as a therapy cat! I can see it. Max is a wonderful guy who loves to walk on his leash and meet people.


He spent a lot of the weekend on the floor, playing with the spectators.


I don’t think I’d ever seen a fawn Somali in person before I met him…isn’t he handsome?


But the funniest thing was when we were packing up on Sunday afternoon. Joe and Marvie’s grandkids were pushing a little flat cart, and Max and Gus went along for the ride!


It reminded me so much of Jacoby riding the cart in our building down to the first floor. I guess cart riding is another Aby/Somali trait. Gus is actually an Aby variant; his mother, Thecatgarden Lildreamer of Odakota is a Somali).


I thought Gus looked more like a Somali than an Aby when I first saw him; he reminded me a bit of my Siamese Patrick, whose mother was a Balinese. Although he was a TICA-registered Chocolate Tabby Point Siamese, he had softer, silkier fur than a “normal” Siamese.


Max was much more into the riding than Gus was. It was pretty fun to watch them. Good to know I’m not the only one who has a silly cat!

*Speaking of Patrick, he and Max share the same birthday! Patrick (aka Sugar Hill Twinkletoes) was born 28 October 1994 and lived to the grand old age of 16.

Abys in Need: Noubia à Orleans, ON

Voici une chatte qui a besoin d’une nouvelle maison. Elle s’appelle Noubia, et elle est une Abyssinne faon. Mon amie Kim m’a envoyé cette chatte et son histoire.

“Noubia cherche maison sans chats! A cat-free home please!


Mon nom est Noubia, mais si vous me demandez mon avis, je préfère qu’on m’appelle Noubi.

Je suis une très mignonne abyssine de 1.5 an. Bien que mon plus récent carnet médical affirme que la teinte de mon poil soit roux, on le nomme faon. Et qu’il est doux et soyeux ce poil! Regardez bien ma photo, vous m’en donnerez des nouvelles.

Je suis très sociable, chaleureuse, intelligente, charmante et enjouée. Je préfère vivre seule en compagnie des humains. En général, je m’attache surtout à une personne, mais il m’arrive assez régulièrement de me laisser prendre et flatter par des invités.

J’ai bon appétit, je suis active et j’aime bien faire la conversation.

Je me cherche une bonne famille avec laquelle je pourrai partager caresses et bisous, vous ne serez pas déçu! Je ne suis pas la meilleure modèle, les photos ne me font pas justice!


Contactez moi à alexpelletierjean@hotmail.com pour plus d’informations – familles sérieuses SEULEMENT !

Hi there,

My name is Noubia, although if you ask me I prefer to be called Noubi.

I am a very lovely 1.5 year old Abyssinian. My health record says I am a reddish colored cat, I am rather fawn colored. And oh! so soft, my fur is! Look at it and tell me you can resist me!

I am very social, heartwarming, intelligent, charming and energetic. I prefer to live alone with humans. In general, I get attached to one person in particular, but I love to be pet by others as well, it just takes me longer to get used to them!

I have good appetite, am active and I love to talk!

I am looking for a good family with whom I will be able to share lots of hugs and kisses! My pictures don’t show how pretty I really am!


Please contact me at alexpelletierjean@hotmail.com for more information – serious inquiries ONLY!

Je pense qu’elle parle français‎…