Aby-a-Day – 4 Januari: Cast iron cat bowl holder (Fashion Friday)

I really like using elevated cat bowl stands. I have a couple of different ones, a low silicon one with steel bowls from Granngården that’s perfect for Lorelai, and a Pet Lounge Bambu diner that Jacoby uses.


But recently, I found this really cool, cast iron metal cat-shaped bowl holder on Tradera (kind of a Swedish local eBay). I love it and I’m fascinated by the workmanship. Believe me, I looked, but I couldn’t find any information on who manufactured it or when it was produced. According to various eBay and Etsy posts I found, it is apparently “vintage,” and you can find plenty of images of the bowl on Pinterest and Google Images searches.


But know nothing of its age, origins or anything else. It is, however, awesome.


It now lives out in the kitchen, where it is eaten from, twice daily, by Alfred and Angel.


They were using Bambu feeder, but this one works better in the kitchen, because it’s heavier. These bowls don’t budge now.


Angel and Freddy seem to appreciate their new dining partner, anyway.

Aby-a-Day – October 18: Aïkiou test

Tessie’s birthday was last month, and, as always, I did a little photo shoot with the birthday cat. And, as always, Jacoby insinuated himself into the picture.



Tessie’s birthday gifts included Spicey Micey and a Aïkiou Stimulo interactive cat food bowl. The Stimulo bowl was given to Tessie because she has a tendency to eat out of boredom, especially dry food. So I thought that she’d like a challenge.


Of course, Jake seemed to be way more interested in the Stimulo than Tessie was.


As soon as I set it up, Jake was all over it.


He was very interested in all the little tubes.


He put the Spicey Micey onto the dish, and then tried to paw it out from between the tubes.



He seemed to really grasp the possibilities of all those little spaces and had a great time sticking his busy little paws into the dish.



I hadn’t even put any food into it yet!


After a while, Tessie decided she’d had enough of Jake’s grandstanding and took matters into her own paws. It was her birthday and her presents, after all!