Aby-a-Day – 29 December 2020: Not throwing away his shot (Cartoon Tuesday)

It’s finished! I finally finished Dashiell Hamilton! It was a real process, too. But as I mentioned last week, I got a new Paperlike screen protector for my iPad, and it makes drawing on the screen so much more natural and organic. In fact, I did most of this in Procreate. Only the last few bits were done in Photoshop.


And the very first bit. I started with a photo of the suit and a photo of Dash in Photoshop. Then I went to Procreate and did the sketches.


Getting the suit just right was my biggest challenge. It took five layers to make it look the way I wanted it to. I did two base colour layers in Procreate, and a low-opacity layer of the actual suit (done in Photoshop) to add the sheen and texture. Then the ink layer was moved above the colour layers. Finally, I discovered a lace brush in Procreate, which was perfect for his sleeves and cravat.


Dash himself was a little easier, because…well, I’ve done more ruddy Abyssinians than I’ve done 18th century emerald-green silk suits. All layers except the top fur texture layer were done on the iPad.


Put all the layers together, along with the whiskers and a little shadow, and put him onstage…and, finally, history has its eyes on Dash!


And, just because I can, I saved the video of the whole Procreate process for anyone who’s interested. Click on the above image to watch the magic happen in Flickr.

Aby-a-Day – 25 September 2020: Licking leads to biting (Friday Flashback)

Facebook has been reminding me a lot about Alfred and Logan lately. This one came up today.


Look at little Logan, sleeping peacefully on the IKEA cat bed.


Suddenly, a wild Freddy appears!


Freddy uses licking.


It’s super effective!


Although, to his credit, Logan did get a pretty good chomp in on Freddy’s ear.


I also made a little video of the encounter; click on the image to watch it on Flickr.

Aby-a-Day – 29 December: Logan and Izaak (Singapura Saturday)

Logan and Izaak look very much alike in photos, and often I can’t tell who is who unless I look at the date the photo was taken.


These first two photos were taken 28 December 2017…so, this is Logan napping with Alfred and Jacoby.


These next two, however…


…these two were taken on 13 December 2018, so this is Zak and Freddy.


So…without looking at the Flickr details linked to the photos, can you tell how is who? Is this one Zak or Logan?


How about this one?


I know Freddy knows that Zak isn’t his “Brother from another Mother,” but he does seem to like having him as a cuddle buddy.


In some ways, Logan and Zak could not be more different. Logan was very agile and could often be found up high, on the tops of bookshelves and doors. He was like a little old man, soft-voiced but constantly muttering to himself. He wasn’t terribly food-oriented, and he wasn’t afraid of the big cats’ hisses and growls. And he was extremely fastidious, constantly grooming himself. Zak, on the other hand, can barely haul himself onto the kitchen counter (and often doesn’t make it). He meows at the top of his voice when he wants something or if I am in the bathroom with the door closed, and he is incredibly focused on food. He tries to sleep with the big cats, same as Logan did, but if they hiss or growl, he backs off and goes somewhere else. And while he keeps himself tidy, he isn’t constantly grooming himself the way Logan did. One of Logan’s “things” was to furiously lick his tailtip if you held it for him. Zak isn’t as concerned about his tail tip.

It just so funny how two cats can look so alike and have such different personalities.

Aby-a-Day – June 14: Technical difficulties and then some (Selfie Sunday)

I know my blog’s been a bit spotty lately…a couple of late posts…skipped cartoons (fair warning, that’s going to happen again this week). I apologise for that.


Part of it is Flickr. I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting photos to upload for some reason lately. I’m not sure what it is. I tried using their Uploadr app, but it doesn’t seem to do any better, and the names of the photos don’t carry over so every photo is “untitled.”


I’m not sure why exactly, but lately my life has just gotten a lot more hectic than usual. I’m still shooting for a post a day, because this is “The Daily Abyssinian.” I just fell behind this weekend.


These are from when I got home from BlogPaws. I missed my Jakeman so much! I really wish he could have come with me.

Abys are Everywhere – Kara the Aby who loved a bunny

Found this adorable story via the Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook:

Rescue Cat Finds Friendship With Rescue Rabbit

“When Kara a rescue Abyssinian cat met Melba an unwanted rabbit who had had a hard time finding a permanent home, the cat took to the rabbit and offered some love and snuggles. It was then, they became each other’s best friend.
“They both came unwanted from previous owners. The rabbit had been adopted and returned multiple times; she wasn’t litter box trained so that could have been related. Within a week she was trained.

The Aby had open sores from scratching due to food allergies that her previous owner didn’t brother to deal with. The matter was quickly addressed,” said Liz H.
“During the early months of 2011 out of the corner of my eye I started to see Kara and Melba with their heads nestled together but as soon as I would turn my head to look, they’d move away from each other. It kept happening and they were very guarded about letting me observe them.

Photo by Liz H.

One day after seeing them together one second and apart the next, I sat down and had a talk with them and told them I knew they were friends and that it was okay. I’m sure they didn’t understand a word I said and it was probably just a coincidence that they slowly started being more open about their friendship,” Liz added.
They were both older adoptions and adopted separately. When they found each other, it didn’t matter what they are, friendship has no boundaries.”

Photo by Liz H.

Sadly, Kara passed away on 29 July 2013. She was 11 years old, and her friend Melba was there at the end.

Photo by Liz H.

Melba misses Kara…but at least she has other Abys, like Rudy, who also love to cuddle with her!

Photo by Liz H.

(There are many, many more photos of Melba with her Aby friends Kara, Rudy and Sunny – and other cats and bunnies, too – on Liz H’s Flickr.)

Aby-a-Day – September 10: Water, water, everywhere (Cartoon Tuesday)

This is something that Jacoby actually doesn’t do.


However, I think that’s because we have a shower curtain on a rod rather than sliding glass doors…

The drinking Aby is actually based on this non-Aby, shower-drinking cat named Riley. According to his human, he’s been doing this every morning for nine years! So, thanks to Riley and Photogregs for a great reference!

(Click cartoon to embiggen, or you can view all cartoons in Slideshow mode on Flickr.)

Aby-a-Day – February 21: Will success spoil Jacoby Stealin’ Home?

It’s amazing how much press some kitties can generate!

“The cat ‘Pellburn Jacoby Stealin’ Home’ made an appearance onstage.”
Kayana Szymczak/Boston Globe

There are a few different features on Boston.com, including a truly magnificent photo of Jacoby onstage taken by Boston Globe photographer Kayana Szymczak (which was also in the actual printed newspaper today). They did a preview article (and an interview with yours truly), a nice slideshow of the entire event as well as an analysis of cat videos.


The Boston Dig is also featuring a Fotobom of the day, which can also be seen on Flickr!

Then there was a great story and video by the Somerville Patch on the Copy Cat Festival yesterday – be sure to check out their slideshow, too!

I especially love this one the reporter, Sara Jacobi (no relation) took of Jacoby and me talking with Rachel Strutt from the Somerville Arts Council.


It was a long day for Jake – we were there eight hours, from noon til 8pm – but he handled it like a champ. We did take a little break at one point; Jake decided he needed to get away from his adoring public and took a little tour behind the curtains.


He was very interested in these kettle drums.


Jake wasn’t the only cat at the festival, though. This little black and white girl, Krufka, sat patiently on her own little sofa while her human read a story about her.


And as I mentioned on Sunday, Famous Seamus was also in attendance. He was such a sweet cat. And as his human said, he was twice the size of Jake! Jake’s such a big Aby…it was nice for someone to call him “small” for a change.


I also got to meet local author Clea Simon, which was awesome; I haven’t met many authors of books I’ve read! Her book The Feline Mystique is a fascinating study of the ancient relationship between women and cats. She also writes feline mysteries!

And we met Case and Emily, the creative geniuses behind Ferocious Friends cat toys…now, these things might just give Neko Flies a run for its money! Check out their video if you don’t believe me!

I also have to mention my favourite local video – this song by aspiring local singer-songwriter Kevin Choi! Not only is Kevin super-talented, but he’s a total cat person.

I read somewhere that cat people don’t really have the social outlets that dog people do, like dog parks. That’s what made the Copy Cat Festival so magical: it was a gathering of creative, artistic cat people, drawn out of their studios, workshops and computer screens, united by a common passion. I hope it becomes an annual affair – you know Jake and I will be there!

Cyoot Kitten Alert! Peter Hasselbom featured on I Can Has Cheezburger

What a nice thing to see first thing this morning!

I knew this was Peter Hasselbom‘s without even looking at the credit. This is Freddo (the blue) and Brina (the fawn), from his blue girl Aella’s litter.


Other People’s Abys – ACA 2012 Show photos

The 2012 Abyssinian Cat Association Show was held yesterday in Cheshire. There are already photos of some of the winners on Flickr!

BIS Adult

This is Best in Show Adult winner, IGRCH Glendavan Kaiser Soeze! Isn’t he handsome?

Overall Best In Show Glendavan Willy Wonka

And look at this little man! This is Glendavan Willy Wonka, a chocolate Abyssinian! Little Willy did his father (Glendavan Purple Haze, aka Jimi) one better by not only winning BIS Kitten but he also beat his great grandfather (who just happens to be Kaiser Soeze, above) to win overall BIS – the first chocolate Aby ever to do so!

Check out photos of the other winners on Glendavan’s Flickr page!

Other People’s Abys – Scenes from a Tasmanian cat show

Maggie, the person who lives with Chilli, an Aby in Tasmania, shared photos she took at the LABCC Cat Show in New Norfolk, Tasmania, last weekend:

Tawny Abyssinian

It’s so interesting to me to see glimpses of other cat shows in other parts of the world! Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to travel the world and go to cat shows everywhere you went?

Check out Maggie and Chilli’s videos on YouTube!

Aby-a-Day – January 18: Wordless Wednesday (BURY SOPA)

See Flickr’s Information on SOPA
Do it for the kittens!
Project Innovation – Not the Internet, Not Here, Not Now

Other People’s Abys – 4 Abys in Italy

Abyfriend Kelli turned me onto these fabulous Abyssinians on Flickr: 4 Abys.

Unfortunately, their Flickr settings don’t allow me to share any of their photos directly on my blog, but there are some awesome shots. Check them out!

Other People’s Abys – “The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh”…but the cat might just kill you in your sleep

Had to share this photo of Ora, the Aby, from Flickr:


The caption:
Imagine this face meowing at you for an hour and a half from the back seat. It’s not awesome.”

Well, it sure LOOKS awesome.

Other People’s Abys – Sierra and Santa

I got added as a contact by another Flickr user…and look what I found when I checked out their photostream!

Visit with Santa

How great is this!? I wish there was a Santa to take pets to in Boston. I used to take my Siamese, Harri, to see Santa in Chico and in San Francisco (we even got on the local news one year), but that was a long time ago. It would be so much fun to take Jacoby to see Santa.

Other People’s Abys – A Racy Mooner Halloween

Check out Racy Mooner, a blue Aby who just loves dressing up for Halloween


I love the expressions on this cat’s face!

Abys: Clowns of the cat world?

Quite possibly. I found this photo of Sierra on Flickr…look at this face! It’s the embodiment of the emoticon O.o

Sierra's stinkface

Sierra is a foster Aby in British Columbia with a very expressive face. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo quite like this one! Her person says this is her “stink face,” which describes it really well.


She’s also capable of making normal faces, too.

Random Abyssinians – I can find them anywhere!

This is funny, and totally seems to be the way my life works. Yesterday, I searched Google Images for Sheldon’s Couch (from The Big Bang Theory) because I had an idea for a Photoshop/LOLcat.

And amongst the photos of Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and the gang that came up, I found this:

Phoenix & Pharaoh Sunbathing

And I said to myself, “Hey, those look like Abys!” But that particular link was broken, so I did some investigating and found a blog called “Mi Vida Occupada” written by a woman who owns four cats (two Abyssinians) and takes tons of photographs of them and of other things.

Their names are Pharaoh (a fawn boy) and Phoenix (a red boy), who are, of course, typical Abys…

Raise the Roof!

But seriously, who else could possibly do a random Google search for something not even remotely related to Abyssinians…and find not only Abys, but a like-minded Aby person? I have no idea how I do it.

Other People’s Abys – Another Epic Photo by Peter Hasselbom

I know, I know…I’m a Peter Hasselbom fangirl to the max. What can I say? The man is a mythic legend when it comes to capturing Abyssinians with a camera.

Check out this recent photo of Nike showing her kittens how to do the Godzilla:

Mother Godzilla

I’m not worthy.

New Aby Kitten Photos from Peter Hasselbom!

Be sure to check out the new photos Peter Hasselbom has posted on Flickr! Aby kittens at ~11 days old!

I love his photos…

More Aby moms and kittens

Aeryn sent me this link to today’s Mother’s Day post Cute Overload because it features Abyssinian moms and kittens.

These photos were taken by Peter Hasselbom. He is my absolute idol when it comes to awesome Abyssinian photos. He took this one, which is one of my favourite photos of all time: